Gift Guide: DIY Stocking Stuffers for ALL Ages


20 DIY stocking stuffers

From babies to grandparents and every age in between, we have your DIY stocking stuffer projects covered this holiday season.  To keep things super versatile, all the projects are adaptable, making them non-gender  specific. We'll start with the wee-ones and gradually "age" from there.


Photo: Martha Stewart

First are these DARLING felt baby shoes from Martha Stewart. 

Photo Raw Creatures

This sweet Teddy from Raw Creatures is made out of 2 random socks. (If the buttons make you nervous--yes, baby's do chew--embroidered eyes, nose, and heart would be the way to go.)

Photo: Sarang-Craft

Sarang-Craft's cloud rattle is all sunshine and rainbows. (A cute mod might be to make the felt tags out of satin ribbon.)

Photo: Nap Time Creations

Want to turn that toddler into the next celebrity chef? Then you might want to whip up some felt breakfast food from Nap Time Creations.

Photo: Handmade Charlotte

What kid wouldn't love Handmade Charlotte's forest friends finger puppets? Adorable.

Photo: Babble Dabble Do

Exercise those little fingers and fine motor skills with these sweet and colorful frame lacers from Babble Dabble Do. (Think future clothing designers!)

Photo: Powerful Mothering

For kiddos who like to build things, these fast and easy Velcro dot craft sticks from Powerful Mothering is just the ticket.

Photo: Create Craft Love

Create Craft Love knows that no stocking is properly stuffed if it doesn't have some sort of edible treat in it. That's where their delightful reindeer noses come in. (P.S. They're gumballs!) 

Photo: A Modicum of Ingenuity

If you or the kids in your life have never played with a Jacob's Ladder, we highly recommend it, as we do this tutorial from A Modicum of Ingenuity. 

Photo: How About Orange

How about these origami mini paper books from How About Orange? Another ageless gift, but I imagine they would delight "tweens" particularly. 

Photo: Martha Stewart

We all know that as kids age, they become increasingly difficult to shop for, which is why gift cards are so handy. Although they still contain money, these candy coins (yes, they're rolls of coins) from Martha Stewart have much more heart. 

Photo: All Free Knitting

Teenagers and music go together like yarn and knitting needles, which is what you'll need to whip up All Free Knitting's earbuds holder. 

Photo: Crafty Gemini

I've actually made several of Crafty Gemini's reversible fleece beanie hats. (I HIGHLY recommend the project.) Because Vanessa offers both adult and child-size patterns, this project alone could have you covered for the entire stocking- stuffer season. 

Photo: Little Lovelies by Allison

Anyone of driving age would be delighted to have a Little Lovelies by Allison monogramed key chain.

Photo: Kandu Beads

The simplicity of this sliding knot bracelet tutorial from Kandu Beads does not overshadow it's beauty. It enhances it. (The antique African coin doesn't hurt either!)

Photo: I Heart Naptime

Whether you're sweeties use them while sledding or waiting for the morning bus, these pocket hand warmers from I Heart Naptime will keep their digits toasty. We heart them. 

Photo: Planet June

I've seen beanbag smartphone holders at my local office supply stores, and when I have, I've thought "Totally DIYable." This project from Planet June proves it. 

Photo: Practically Functional

For the coffee-lover on your stocking list, this DIY felt coffee cozy from Practically Functional would be perfect, especially if paired with a Starbuck's gift card, perhaps??

Photo: Darling Adentures

Would you believe Darling Adventures's fingerless gloves used to be the arms of an old sweater? Now, before you protest and say they're not non-gender specific, I knitted one of my adult nephews a pair of gray fingerless gloves a couple of years back, and he loved them. So there. 

Photo: Patti Cappel

And, finally, another one-size-fits-all of ANY age gift from Pattie Cappel--a money tablet. Seriously, how cool is that?? The tablet has a spine, and the bills peel out just like a paper tablet!!




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