Eye Candy: 15 Creative Alternatives to the Traditional Evergreen Wreath

Eye Candy: 15 Creative Alternatives to the Traditional Evergreen Wreath
Photo: Oh Happy Day

While I love the leafy look as much the next person, a lot of the prettiest Christmas wreaths don't have a shred of green in sight. Surprised? I was - before I found these clever projects that is. Read on to see some of my favourite alternatives to the traditional evergreen wreath. 



This cranberry creation looks as tasty as it does pretty (via A Beautiful Mess)

Photo: A Beautiful Mess

Felt foliage makes for the loveliest looking wreath (via Fall For DIY).

Photo: Fall For DIY

Made out of mints, super festive and looking good enough to eat! (via Women's Day)

Photo: Woman's Day

This felt ball wreath will add a whole lot of colour to your Christmas decorating (via West Coast Mama)

Photo: West Coast Mama

Who would've thought plastic spoons could be so pretty? (via Style At Home)

Photo: Style At Home

Try bundling grapevines and ornaments to achieve a rustic look that's perfect for fall (via Lil' Luna). 

Photo: Lil' Luna

Inject a little colour and a whole lot of texture into your Christmas decorations with this pom pom wreath (via Nest of Posies)

Photo: Nest of Posies

Christmas ornaments make such festive, colourful and shiny wreaths (via Martha Stewart)

Photo: Martha Stewart

You won't believe what this modern geometric design is made from (via Vintage Revivals)

Photo: Vintage Revivals

I love how light and airy this fabric wreath is (via Koko Designs)

Photo: Kojo Designs

Get that super colourful look with this unique paper ball wreath (via Alisa Burke)

Photo: Alisa Burke

As if honeycombs aren't already gorgeous enough, they look even all better bundled together! (via Oh Happy Day)

Photo: Oh Happy Day

Try making leaves out of clay for a delicately beautiful wreath (via Sparkle Living)

Photo: Sparkle Living

Or perhaps experiment with wood beads for a lovely, natural look (via Bildschoenes)

Photo: Bildschoenes

This colourful wreath isn't just nice to look at - it also does double duty as an advent calendar! (via Oh Happy Day)

Photo: Oh Happy Day


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