Back to the Future, Furniture

Back to the Future, Furniture

Happy Back to the Future Day. (The day Marty McFly travels to in the second installment of the franchise.) The talking heads have been going absolutely tweaky pointing out the successes of the movie's prognostications (visit Gawker to see 14 things that came true, and, yes, there's a hoverboard  on the list). Such discussion does make me wonder what things might look like in Oct 21, 2045. As for decor, who knows? But these designers definitely have/had an eye to the future. But how will their creations be measured by the test of time?

Kata Monus's "experimental hybrid storage furniture" is a lovely confluence of hard and soft, woodworking and knitting. 

Photo: Data Monus

Sawaya & Moroni's "Fei Fei" chair sports some super sexy lines.

Photo: Sawaya & Moroni via the WSJ

Shaun Milburn's Babycotpod looks like it might take off--either flying or walking--at any minute. 

Photo: Shaun Milburn 

Say hello to "Shelly," an aluminum chair created by Peter Donders. 

Photo: Peter Donders vis Trend Hunter

No word on who designed this concept piece. It might make eating a bit messy; however, a board room would never be stuffy with one of them. 

Photo Madison Seating

More sexy lines from designer Svilen Gamolov in this figure EIGHT bar stool: 

Photo: Svilen Gamolov via Behance

Kris Van den Berghe created a bed with a built-in canopy that serves as a screen for a projection TV. The canopy, by the way, can be removed, washed, and even used in other ways, like as a room divider.

Photo: Kris Van den Berghe via dornob

Martz Edition's Gamme Tube is as much a sculpture as a chair.

Photo: Martz Edition

For a little sci-fi flicks mix, check out this floor lamp by Life Goods, which looks like an Imperial Walker. Want to dim it? Simply close the door.

Photo: Life Goods via Yanko Design

And, finally, this gorgeous piece of furniture-flesh--a bent plywood wood chair. But wait! It was created by Joe Colomobo in 1965...which just goes to show that superior design can be ageless. Will the others in this roundup be so fortunate? You tell us. 

Photo: Joe Colombo via Dwell

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DIY Maven on Oct 22, 2015:

@Chrisjob, it could be called bumper chairs.  

Chris Gardner on Oct 21, 2015:

Very fine. I wonder if we could get a Newton's Cradle effect going with that swinging table and chairs piece. 

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