Roundup: 15 Halloween Party Activities for Kids

Roundup: 15 Halloween Party Activities for Kids

Halloween can be downright scary for kids, but who am I to deny my kiddo the opportunity to wear a sweet costume and to gorge himself on tons of candy? Here are 15 activities to do at your halloween party that would be fun for any age. 

Left: Bass Pro Shops; Right: Simply Suzanne's

1. Have a "Halloweenie Roast." Pull out your fire pit, grab some skewers, and let your kiddos roast hotdogs over the fire (with your help of course). End the night with roasting some halloween s'mores.

Left: Parents.com Right: Madebygirl

2. Have a mystery bowl contest. This looks slimy and fun. Check out the instructions over on Parents.com

3. Set up a photo booth. The kids are in costume and it needs to be documented. Imagine if you did this every year and you had great pictures of their costumes every year.

4. Play Halloween bingo. Print these cards from Attempting Aloha and the kids can use their candy as markers.

Left: Parents.com  Right: Martha Stewart

5. Have a pumpkin costume contest. Run a dowel rod through a few pumpkins before the party to begins to make a pumpkin mannequin or two. Grab some fabric and accessories for the kids to dress them up.

6. Play Pop Goes the Pumpkin. Check out the instructions how to make this cute game over on MarthaStewart.com

7. Play Halloween Charades. Moms and Munchkins has a great list to use. This will create laughs for everyone.

Left: Parents.com; Right: Nest of Posies

8. Play Pin the Bow on Mr. Bones. There are many versions of this out there. I thought this was pretty cute. Parents.com has a downloadable print you can enlarge.

9. Play stomp the pumpkin. This game is a way to use your decor. Make some sharpie balloons like these from Nest of Posies. Using string, tie the balloon around the kids ankle where the balloon looks like it is attached to their ankle. When you say the "go" the kids go after other kiddos pumpkin by stomping it. The last kid with an un-popped pumpkin wins.

10. Watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Every kid should see this classic and every adult should get some adult conversation in at their party. Win, win.

Left: ActivityVillage Right: Mommadidit

11. Make Halloween Origami. Have stacks of halloween colored paper ready with instructions taped to the table.

12. Play Glow Necklace Ring Toss. This is so simple and fun.

Save and print

13. Halloween Skits. Before your party round up a few sets of supplies listed above with the above sheet printed and in the box. Break the kids into groups with each group getting a box. Give them 10-15 minutes to make up a skit. They must use the props in the box to come up with a short Halloween skit. They also must incorporate the words listed into their dialogue. When prep time is up, have the kids perform their skits. Kids entertaining you...novel idea right? Get your video cameras ready, these can be hysterical.

Save and print

14. Halloween Scavenger Hunt. This is what my family calls a "game within a game." This game is ongoing throughout the entire party. Before the night begins, hide each of these items in the area of the party. The trick is for them to be visible without moving anything, while still having to scour and look for them. The hidden items should be small and not necessarily placed at eye-level. You could make this easier for little kids by using more visible items, but at our party its more of an adult activity where kids can help. This game is really fun because you will see alliances made, stolen lists attempted, and rivalries made for the rematch next year.

15. Have a Halloween game night. Who says every activity has to be Halloweenish? Set up stations of card games and board games where the kids get into groups and rotate through.

Have fun with your kids this halloween and be safe! Want more ideas? These posts can help you with food and decor. 

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