Before and After: Tiny Entryway Makeover

Tiny Entryway Makeover

My family comes and goes through the back door of our house. You walk in the door to a small entryway that leads into a small galley kitchen. This has been the state of my entryway for about a year. The coat rack becomes overloaded and bulky. It collects the most random of things and falls over when my son throws his backpack on it. This little entryway was in serious need of a makeover.   



This space is tiny, so I wanted the storage to be minimal yet really useful.  I had just enough space for my Ikea Trones shoe cabinet.  The top drawer holds stuff I need every day such as bug spray and doggie bags. The top drawer also stores the mail. The other two drawers hold shoes and will soon hold gloves and hats.

Entryway makeover

We have pretty tall trim in our home, and a coat rack installed under the trim looked weird, so I was inspired by this Curbly post and I added dowel rods to the actual window trim.  

Tiny Entryway makeover

The dowel rods actually look like they are part of the trim and they are much easier for a 7-year old to reach.  

tiny entryway makeover

You can really see the trouble with this space from this direction. The off-white door was such an eyesore. The coat rack was taking up too much visual space, and stuff was overflowing onto my countertop. 

Tiny Entryway Makeover

The door was painted in Knights Armor by Olympic. The absence of the coat rack makes the space look more open, and best of all, I got my countertop back. 

Tiny Entryway Makeover

The top of my cabinet now can hold reminders, keys, and our pocket change.  The space feels bigger to me now that it is organized. We'll see if it stays this way ... fingers crossed.

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Anonymous on Oct 02, 2015:

That you have thought of this is great.  Looks great!  Functions great!

ARob on Sep 28, 2015:

Favorite parts to this post:

minecraft sword.

that you have phone written down for things not to forget...hopefully that sign will work :)

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