DIY Wooden Candle Holders

DIY Wooden Candle Holders

If you have some leftover scraps from your latest woodworking project, how about using them to make votive candle holders? They’re easy to produce and beautiful when completed, which means you might want to make a few for yourself and some to give as gifts.


1. A chunk of wood the size of your choice. Although, a standard votive cup is about ½ inch high, which means you’ll want to use a piece of wood double that thickness, or so. (My hunk is 3.5" wide by 13.75" long by 1.5" thick.)

2. A spade bit the same size as the diameter of your votive cup and a drill. (Experience has taught me that not all votives are the same diameter. Cheap ones--those sold in bags of 25 plus--sometimes have bigger cups. Standard, good quality votives, however, measure 1.5" in diameter.)

3. Votive candles in accompanying tin or plastic cups


1. Measure and mark the board where you want to place your votive candles.

2. Using drill and spade bit, drill holes as deep as your votives are high.

3. Finish board as desired. I sanded my oak board and applied a fruitwood stain but didn’t bother with polyurethane.

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Lacey Lou on Aug 24, 2014:

If doing fire with wood bothers you, use LED flameless tea lights.

Gail on Mar 03, 2010:

My daughter and I wanted to make this candleholder.  So off to Home Depot to buy the wood. We found something easier to use and thought I would share with you.. We found pieces of wood that were 2 by 4 and 2 by 6 in a couple of differnent lengths but they had holes and wire covers on the back in them already!  They are used for roofs to keep the birds out.  There was no need to use a router. The holes were perfect and I could use votives if I want now or tea lights.

They are perfect - all we did was stain them!!

baconthecat on Jul 23, 2007:

Hey!! That is such a fantabulous idea! If one had wood carving skills one could even carve designs into it... Ooo!

StillSubtleDance on Jun 15, 2007:

My dad has more wood in his basement than anyone I've ever seen.  I went and looked at what some possible options were last night.  I'm going to make one this weekend! Thanks so much for the idea!

DIY Maven on Jun 06, 2007:

No issues with the fire/wood aspect. Of course, the votives have tin cup holder things. I'd say, as with all candles, don't leave them unattended... and keep them away from kindling, of course ;)

sillygirl on Jun 06, 2007:

Great idea and looks super cool. What worries me, though, is surrounding fire with wood...

DIY Maven on Jun 06, 2007:

You're welcome!! ;)

erika on Jun 06, 2007:

Thats great! Thanks!

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