Eye Candy: 9 Beautiful Bohemian Spaces

9 Beautiful Bohemian Spaces
Photo: Style Thirst

I love patterns, colours and textures - the more the better, and all at once if possible! So it's no wonder I've been hooked on the bohemian look lately; I'm in awe of the way this style effortlessly combines all of my favourite elements in a single space. Click through to see the interiors that have been inspiring my inner boho.

 Justina Blakeney's aesthetic is on point - she's the queen of modern bohemian, and her studio oozes that beautiful eclectic vibe (via The Jungalow).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - The Jungalow (Justina Blakeney)
Photo: The Jungalow

You don't have to go bold and bright to get that boho look; earthy tones can be just as stunning (via The Design Files). 

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - Earthy bohemian (The Design Files)
Photo: The Design Files

Bohemian and laid-back go hand in hand, and nothing says laid-back quite like this colourful floor seating (via Style Thirst).

Beautiful bohemian spaces - Floor seating (Style Thirst)
Photo: Style Thirst

If pattern upon pattern isn't your thing, why not try adding a little boho style with bright pops of colour instead? (via SF Girl By Bay).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - Bright boho living room (SF Girl By Bay)
Photo: SF Girl By Bay

One of my favourite things about the bohemian look is how unpolished it can be, like this lovely earthy kitchen (via Decor8).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - white and muted dining (Decor8)
Photo: Decor8

Desert meets colour in this charming boho Californian home (via Design Sponge).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - Living room with pops of colour (Design Sponge)
Photo: Design Sponge

As an Aussie girl, I have to say I'm totally smitten with this rustic Freemantle home (via The Design Files).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - Australian caravan boho (The Design Files)
Photo: The Design Files

Textiles are king in this lovely laid-back eclectic space (via Design Sponge).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - bohemian textiles in living room (Design Sponge)
Photo: Design Sponge

Bohemian meets asian-inspired? I'm hooked! (via Anthology Mag).

Beautiful Bohemian Spaces - bohemian/asian inspired dining room (Anthology Mag)
Photo: Anthology Mag

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