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Make It: Printable Reminder Magnets

by on Sep 10, 2015

My mum is a very organised and practical person. Growing up, everything was perfectly arranged and categorised, from the pictures in our photo albums to the contents of our freezer. So I suppose it’s no surprise that I now find myself making lists, organising my days according to tasks and popping reminders all over the house the same way she does. Like mother like daughter right?


And since having a list of tasks on my phone doesn’t seem to cut it anymore (I always manage to forget things!), I thought I’d make myself some magnets so I can hang up those super important details in a place where they’ll grab my attention. 

Printable reminder magnets

These magnets really brighten up my kitchen and I’m happy to say that with their slightly bossy phrases (like ‘pay this bill’!) they also seem to be working as a good reminder about important dates and to-dos, which is a win in my book!




Printable reminder magnets - materials


Step 1

Download the printable magnet file and print it onto white A4 card. Cut out each of the reminder squares with a pair of scissors.

Side note: You’ll notice there are some patterned squares with no words at the bottom of the printable file – I included those so you can write your own reminder phrases in!

Printable reminder magnets - cutting out printed squares


Printable reminder magnets - cutting out printed squares

Step 2

Mark out squares onto your balsa wood with a pencil and ruler.  Make sure they’re the same size as the squares in the magnet printable – if you printed the file at full size, then the squares should measure 1.38 (or 3.5cm) square.

Printable reminder magnets - marking balsa wood


Step 3

Use a craft knife and ruler to cut out each of the balsa wood squares.

Printable reminder magnets - cutting out balsa wood squares


Step 4

Apply spray adhesive to each balsa wood square and stick your printed reminder square on top.

Printable reminder magnets - gluing print to balsa wood


Step 5

Add a magnet to the back of each balsa wood square. If you bought adhesive magnet strips then simply remove the backing paper to stick it onto the balsa wood. If your magnets aren’t self-sticking, add some of the spray adhesive you used earlier to adhere the magnet to the wood.

Printable reminder magnets - sticking magnet to balsa wood



Step 6

Give your finished magnets a light coat of acrylic sealer to protect the print.

Printable reminder magnets


Printable reminder magnets
Printable reminder magnets
Printable reminder magnets
Printable reminder magnets

I stuck my reminder prints to balsa wood because I wanted the finished magnets to have a nice, thick base but there are plenty of other ways you can use this printable. 


If you don’t have balsa wood handy, you can print and cut out the reminder squares, laminate them and then attach magnets to the back. You could also just print them straight onto printable magnet paper (the resulting magnet won’t be as strong or durable if you go down this path though). 

Or you could print them onto A4 sticker paper and use them as reminders in your diary or planner. The sky’s the limit!






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