Shopping Guide: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources
Photo: Smashed Peas & Carrots

If you love to sew, you know that fabric can be prohibitively expensive. But here's some good news - there are inexpensive options out there, you just have to know where to find them. And that's where we come in. Here are 11 of our favorite affordable fabric websites.   


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

1. Spoonflower - The patterns on Spoonflower are user generated, so there is an enormous selection of unique contemporary prints. Prices start at $10.50 for a cotton fat quarter. 


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

2. Fabric.com - The mid-century modern style prints at Fabric.com are second to none, but they have a wide selection of, well... basically everything. There is a large range of prices, but you can search by price (from low to high) to make sure you find the best deals.


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

3. Fashion Fabrics Club - They have a wide selection as well, and perhaps some of the lowest prices overall. They have a large quantity of transitional style fabrics, but they sell everything from solids to geometrics. 

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Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

4. Nature's Fabrics - This is a great source for natural and organic fabrics. They sell notions and patterns too. Prices vary, but again you can sort your selection by price. 


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

5. Modern Yardage - They have some fantastic modern fabrics, everything from geometric prints to unique mid-century modern finds. Prices tend to be in the $16 range per yard.


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

6. NY Fashion Center Fabrics - This is your ultimate source for glitzy, fancy, metallic fabric. Think theatre production style material. If you like to go bold, try this site. As you can see, there is a wide price range but there are plenty of options on the cheaper end.


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

7. Quilt Home - This is a great resource for quilters who tend toward more traditional prints (although there are plenty of more contemporary options as well). Prices vary, but are overall relatively affordable.  


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

8. Fabric Warehouse - Here they have a wonderful selection of transitional fabrics... many trending toward the more traditional drapery and upholstery styles. Prices are quite inexpensive.


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

9. Pink Chalk - This is a fantastic site for patterns... these are user generated, so the range is quite extensive. They have tons of quilting patterns, but also plenty of home decor projects as well (and clothing, accessories, etc.).


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

10. Fabric Guru - This is a great all-around site... they have pretty much everything. And a lot of it. You can search by color, type of fabric, keyword, price, etc. There is a huge range of prices, but there are a few as low as $1.95 per yard.


Shopping: 11 Affordable Online Fabric Sources

11. Amazon - Believe it or not, Amazon has a ton of fabric for sale... and much of it is quite affordable. As with everything on Amazon, prices vary quite a bit. But if you need something quick, grab an Amazon Prime pick.

And if you'd like some fabric organization inspiration after buying up all of that beautiful material, head over to Smashed Peas & Carrots... as you can see in the title photo, she has a knack for organizing her colorful collection.

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fabric custom on Aug 31, 2016:

I found a fabric print your design website, a lot of fabrics of choice!

faith-towers on Sep 15, 2015:

Great finds @Carrie Fradkin and @Rushinred, thanks so much for sharing!

Rushinred on Sep 15, 2015:

Take a look at totofabrics.com too. They have amazing sales, free samples and excellent customer service!

Carrie Fradkin on Sep 15, 2015:

For midcentury modern fabrics for ulphostery and more check out:



Lorna S. on Sep 11, 2015:

I mentioned the $41.00 because that would be how much 4 off those fast quarters would end up costing a person. I think spoonflower is unique and great, but not necessarily inexpensive.

faith-towers on Sep 10, 2015:

Hi Lorna S. - Thanks for sharing fabricdepot.com, that's another really great resource! Looks like they have some lovely material. And Spoonflower actually offers all of its prints in "Basic Cotton Ultra" for $17.50 per yard... which isn't all that bad in my opinion :)

Lorna S. on Sep 09, 2015:

Ok. Just do you know. Spoonflower is unique, but I wouln't call $41 a yard reasonable. Also, you would do readers a service and introduce them to fabricdepot.com

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