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Roundup: 10 Hutch/China Cabinet Makeovers

by on Sep 4, 2015

This morning on Craigslist in my city, there are 489 listings for china cabinets and a whopping 1351 listings for hutches. Does that mean china cabinets and hutches have fallen out of favor? Not with these clever makeover artists! Take a look and then you tell us…have china cabinets and hutches fallen out of favor with you??

Serena spotted this impressive cabinet at her local thrift store for a measly $40. (Take that Craigslisters!) Now, before you purists out there excoriate her for painting such a gorgeous piece of furniture, take a breath. Life’s too short and you have better things to do. 

Mini wooden cabinet on the outdoor side.
Photo: Thrift Diving

The wood tones might be a memory, but the color Serena chose is reminiscent of the piece’s era. Click here to see the makeover in its entirety. 

A light blue cabinet with a glass door is sitting on a wooden floor.

Photo: Thrift Diving

Not sure what to say about this one. Vanilla? 

An old white cabinet set up against a wall.

Photo: Southern Living

Well, there’s nothing vanilla about it now! And, yes, those are zebras you’re seeing in there. 

A gray cabinet with white accents and a red interior with zebra decorations.

Photo: Southern Living

Not only did Liz make over this impressively large hutch, she made over its function as well.

Medium brown wooden hutch with glass doors and four sections, atop a long cabinet with many drawers.

Photo: Love Grows Wild

It’s found new life in her home office! (Love.)

White hutch china cabinet sitting against a wall on top of a dark wood floor.

Photo: Love Grows Wild

Jamie tackled her project in pieces. Here’s what the bottom looked like before:

A dark brown side table with brass hinges sits on a wood floor in a white room.

Photo: Southern Revivals

And the top:

Glass doored, dark wood hutch standing on a hardwood floor.

Photo: Southern Revivals

And here’s what they look like reunited after their makeover:

Wooden cabinet with glass jars.

Photo: Southern Revivals

Stacey had this very serious-looking antique china cabinet on her hands.

A dark brown piece of furniture is sitting in a room.

Photo: Stacey Embracing Change

Gone is its dour affectation.

A white antique dining room hutch with a window on the front sits in front of a white brick wall.

Photo: Stacey Embracing Change

Jennifer’s “after” looks like it could have come straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog:

A china cabinet is shown in its original state of a medium toned wood and then after it is refinished in black with new hardware added.

Photo: Crafting Couture

Okay, technically Thalita made over a wall unit of the office/entertainment variety. But how cute is it now as a kitchen hutch??

An entertainment center has been painted white.

Photo: The Learner Observer

Love, love, love what Jessi did to this unassuming corner cabinet.

A dining room with a brown blind on the window and a brown display shelf in the corner.

Photo: Jessi Makes Things

She turned it juicy orange!

A white table and chairs in a dining room with an orange sideboard in the corner.

Photo: Jessi Makes Things

Melanie’s tackled her makeover in pieces as well. Here’s the bottom: 

An entertainment table with four doors in front of a brick wall.

Photo: Lost &  Found

And the top: 

A piece of furniture with wood and glass is sitting in a room near a wall.

Photo: Lost &  Found

And the pieces back together after their makeover. Stunning! 

A white sideboard full of white dishes and a brown table with blue chairs in a dining room.

Photo: Lost &  Found

If you thought Jessi was brave to paint her corner cabinet orange, take a look at this makeover from Jennifer. She thought it “sad” before. But…it just needed a little color to make it happy again. 

A tall brown sideboard cabinet with four oval doors and two shelves on the top portion.

Photo: Dimples and Tangles

Now it’s practically giddy with green! 

Green cabinet that holds fancy china.

Photo: Dimples and Tangles

Looking for more furniture ideas?

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  1. These are some of the best makeovers I have ever seen. I have a whopping big china cabinet that isn’t really my style (it was my price) and have been afraid to do anything to it. You’ve given me ideas and encouragement to give it a try.  These are beautiful!