How to: Make These Simple + Stylish DIY Geometric Pillows

How to: Make These Simple + Stylish DIY Geometric Pillows
Photo: Jeran McConnel

I can't get enough of graphic grid patterns.  It's a clean, less busy version of plaid. Add a grid pattern to a space, and it instantly seems modern and current. I few months ago I hand drew an entire wall in a grid pattern. Ever since, I've been on the hunt for all for more grid patterns to add to my home. These bold pillows in a classic black and white grid are sure to stand out in any space.




Photo: Jeran McConnel
Photo: Jeran McConnel

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1/2 yard of white a black cotton duck cloth
  • 1/4" black or white grosgrain ribbon (about two spools)
  • sewing machine
  • scissors 
  • 14" square pillow insert

 Begin by cutting the fabric.  For a 14" pillow form, the top of the pillow needs to be 16x16 inches.  Instead of messing with a zipper, I decided to just make this pillow with a simple envelope enclosure.  So, you will need to pieces of fabric that are 12x16 inches.

Turn over twice and press the 16" length side of the two back pieces of the pillow. Sew these down.  These will make the opening to the envelope enclosure.

Take the top piece to the pillow and fold it in half twice and iron it so that your can see where the middle lines of the pillow are.  These ironed lines with be your guides for sewing on the ribbon.

Start with these middle lines, sew the ribbon down with a simple straight stitch.  I wanted my grid pattern to be a little organic and not perfectly straight lines, so a purposefully didn't sew them right on the ironed line. 

Next iron lines 2 inches apart on either side of the center ribbon line.

Sew done this strips of ribbon.

Then turn the pillow top and iron the lines going the other direction and sew down the ribbon

Place the good sides of the two back pieces of the pillow against the good side of the top of the pillow.

Hemmed sides towards the center of the pillow and overlap them.  Pin the sides together so that the pieces don't slip when you are sewing.

Sew a half inch seam allowance all the way around the pillow. 

Turn the pillow right side out and insert the pillow form. 



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Vicki on Aug 28, 2015:

Love this! I am going to have to try it out!

Chris Gardner on Aug 19, 2015:

Beautiful job, Jeran. And such awesome photos! Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous on Aug 19, 2015:

Love this!

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