How to: DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

I love summer - it's my favorite season! Says everyone, I'm sure.  But here in Canada, I really mean it!! When you come from a country that has winter almost eight  months out of the year, you don't take one second of summer for granted. Which is why I'm obsessed with filling my house with fresh plants to bring that summery vibe indoors and to also carry me through those cold winters! And this DIY hanging shelf project is a really fun way to display those plants!  

We created this one to match our Modular Shelving Unit, this DIY can work with anywhere. As long as the shelf is made from solid wood, you are good to go! 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf


  • wood boards (we used pine)

  • L-brackets, shelf hardware, or rope to attach to the wall 

  • Tape Measure

  • Compass

  • Pencil

  • Speed Square

  • Drill with 3/4"  Spade Bit

  • Jigsaw

  • Sand Paper

  • Spray Lacquer 

  • Plants or Succulents

  • Terracotta Pots
DIY Hanging Planter Shelf


1. Decide how many planters you would like displayed on your shelf and make proper measurement using a speed square. We went with three planters and divided the shelf accordingly, so each planter sits evenly apart. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

2. Using your tape measure, measure the inside of the top of the pot. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

3. Set your compass to half the width of the above measurement using the compass and create your circle on the shelf surface. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

4. Take your drill and spade bit to create a hole in the center of each circle. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

5. Using your jigsaw, enter through your drilled holes to cut a complete circle. Repeat as needed. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

6. Sand your shelf and wipe clean with damp cloth. Spray with lacquer to protect your shelf from everyday wear and tear. 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

7. Put your shelf onto brackets or shelving unit according to directions, then place your plants in their new homes and enjoy! 

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

DIY Hanging Planter Shelf
DIY Hanging Planter Shelf
DIY Hanging Planter Shelf
DIY Hanging Planter Shelf
DIY Hanging Planter Shelf

This simple addition to the space makes such a difference. It's pretty incredible how just a little bit of greenery can create a refreshing feel to an entire room, or in this case a wall - don't you think? These little succulents are so cute and simple, which doesn't seem to take away too much from the rest of the surroundings. Just enough to catch your eye and to appreciate! What do you think of displaying plants in this way? 

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HelloLidy on Jul 24, 2015:

Thank you so much Marwa! I'm thrilled you like it :) 

XO, Lidy

marwa(enthralling_g) on Jul 24, 2015:

What an awesome idea and this is beautiful Lidy. 

HelloLidy on Jul 23, 2015:

Thanks so much everyone! I'm thrilled you liked the DIY. The shelving unit was a DIY we did last year and I haven't gotten the chance to do the tutorial yet. I am going to make it a priority though, we've had a lot of interest and I feel awful it's taking this long to put the post up!! Thanks again for all your kind words :) 

XO, Lidy

Anonymous on Jul 23, 2015:

That's a great way to display potted plants. and like Kelsey, I'm interested in how you made the shelving unit. It would work really well in my place!

Kelsey on Jul 14, 2015:

Love it so much! Is the modular shelving unit a DIY as well?? I searched for it on your site but didn't see anything. Thanks!

Georgia @ Silver Spiral Studio on Jul 11, 2015:

I love this!  Would also make a beautiful gift idea. Thanks for sharing! :) 

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