How to: Super Simple Painted Stool Makeover

DIY Simple Stool Makeover

We have a lot of thrift store finds in our home - how about you? Firstly because we can't walk  away from a good deal when we see one! And secondly, I just love a simple challenge to see what I can do to breath new life into an old and neglected piece. Take for example this hot pink stool I found for $3! I actually didn't mind the color too much, but what I really loved about it was how solid it was and the fact that you don't see a lot of stools with only 3 legs. So, I had to have it! I decided to convert it to a small side table for our daughters room, but she can still use it as a stool if need be.  



  • Wooden Stool - we got ours at a thrift store, but check IKEA for lots of options
  • Painter's tape
  • Paint
  • Medium-grit sandpaper
  • Tack cloth
  • Clear spray sealer 
DIY Simple Stool Makeover


1. Begin by sanding the stool to rough it up a bit. This will help the new paint stick a bit better. 

DIY Simple Stool Makeover

2. Taking your tack cloth, wipe and remove all the fine dust from sanding. You may also use a damp cloth, but because my stool was painted previously, tack cloth ensures that the color won't mix into my new paint! 

DIY Simple Stool Makeover

3. Begin taping off your design. I was really inspired by this wall and decided to create a similar look for my stool.

DIY Simple Stool Makeover
DIY Simple Stool Makeover

4. Paint your stool with whatever color you prefer. I opted for a lighter shade of pink to add contrast. I also removed the legs of my stool and dipped the tops, instead of the bottoms for a different look! Allow to dry completely in between coats. 

DIY Simple Stool Makeover

5. Carefully remove Tape. Optional: Spray with acrylic sealer to protect from everyday wear and tear. 

DIY Simple Stool Makeover

I love these kinds of projects! It's like introducing a completely new piece of furniture in the home, even though we might have had it for months or years. It adds such great color and texture to the space. It's bright and bold, perfect for any room in my opinion! What do you think of giving an old piece a new makeover instead of just throwing it away? 

DIY Simple Stool Makeover
DIY Simple Stool Makeover
DIY Simple Stool Makeover
DIY Simple Stool Makeover

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karla thompson on Jul 14, 2015:

So clever!  I love how ordinary things come to life with the application of imagination! Don't you...?

HelloLidy on Jul 02, 2015:

I'm so very happy to hear you think so! Thank you! 

XO, Lidy

Anonymous on Jul 02, 2015:

Very cute!

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