Roundup: 10 DIY House Number Ideas and Tutorials

Roundup: 10 DIY House Number Ideas and Tutorials

I'm ashamed to admit, I have utilitarian house numbers. Although practical, they have no style whatsoever. Okay, they have a little style but nothing like those in this roundup. After scouring the internets for inspiration and tutorials of DIY house numbers, I think a change  may be in order. Stat. 

We'll start close to home with Curbly's own Chris and his house number project.

Photo: Curbly

This contemporary number, incorporates store-bought numbers with a pice of Lexan.

Photo: Instructables

Kojo Designs' house number project, is a like a piece of typographical art for outside.

Photo: Kojo Designs

Instead of using something like Lexan, this maker opted to fashion a house number plaque using an old serving platter. 

Photo: Tristin & Company

Although you can't tell in this picture,

Photo: Stinkerpants Designs

this house number is made of partially pounded in nails.

Photo: Stinkerpants Designs

How about LED house numbers? This video come from Kite Army explains all:

For those who love polkadots, you can't go wrong with a polka-dotted monogram number combo:

Photo: Crafts Unleashed

This thrifty mom used  a wooden plant caddy to make her oh-so-modern house number display. Clever!

Photo: A Thrifty Mommy

This next one was a custom item available on Etsy several years back. Notice that the backdrop is mosaic, not the numbers. That makes a DIY version much easier. For instructions on how to mosaic house numbers in general, check out this post on Woman's Day. 

Photo: Etsy

Of course the ultimate mosaic house number project is incorporating the numbers in a mosaic entryway. Someday....

Photo: SF Gazetter

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