From Crayola to Decor: 16 Colorful Front Doors

From Crayola to Decor: 16 Colorful Front Doors

We’re taking a cue from Crayola today for this roundup! Sixteen entry doors in 16 different colors all represented in a 16 pack of our favorite box of crayons. Here's a screenshot of said colors courtesy  of Wikipedia:

Photo: Wikipedia

 Starting in order, first up is RED. Probably one of the first colors when people think of bold entry doors, which is why it's become a classic look:

Photo: Making Lemonade 

This YELLOW door is no wallflower:

Photo: HGTV

This BLUE door is bold, but calming too: 

Photo: HGTV

We might not think of BROWN as bold, but this door suits its Craftsman surroundings perfectly:

Photo: Our Styled Suburban Life

ORANGE is the new red:

Photo: Cliff May Social

We used to have a saying in our house: When in doubt, paint it GREEN.

Photo: Paring Down

A VIOLET (PURPLE) door has never looked so beautiful:

Photo: Coldwell Banker

A BLACK door is like a little black dress: its timeless and goes with any style.

Photo: Huffington Post

You can call it CARNATION PINK or just pink, either way, it's charming:

Photo: Studio ten 25

It's not yellow and it's not quite orange. It's YELLOW-ORANGE:

Photo: Organize & Decorate Everything

Blue + Green = BLUE-GREEN and it's gorgeous:

Photo: m{pression

If I had a flowering vine like that, I'd paint my front door RED-VIOLET too (swoon)!

Photo: Pinterest

Easing out of red and into orange is this RED-ORANGE door:

Photo: Oregon Live

A YELLOW-GREEN door might not sound appetizing until you see it. And then it's as refreshing as a cold Mountain Dew on a hot summer day:


An example of a door painted BLUE-VIOLET isn't the easiest thing to find, but here's a mighty fine specimen:

Photo: The PInk Chalkboard

And, finally, WHITE. WHITE? It might not be colorful all my itself, but a pack of Crayola would be lost without it. Plus, coupled with a great color, white is alright, as evidenced by this funky little structure:

Photo: Little Reactors

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