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29th Avenue: A Colorful Master Bedroom Makeover Part II – The BIG Reveal!

by on May 14, 2015

We started from the bottom, now we’re here: the 29th Avenue master bedroom makeover REVEAL! As a refresher, this is what we began with. Blech. Just… no. Obviously this dark and dreary and totally lame bedroom wasn’t going to cut it. Fast forward a few weeks and THIS is where we are now:    

An owl pillows it's on top of a pile of pillows on a mid-century modern bed with bright linens.
Capree Kimball


Again, before:

A bedroom with a ceiling fan before and after a makeover, viewed from two angles.

Ewww. And after:

A colorful bed is in a room with mirrors and a window in the corner of the room.
Capree Kimball
A bed with a grey fabric headboard has colorful pillows and one pillow on the top shaped like an animal head.
Capree Kimball

Ahhh. Much better.

In yesterday’s post, I mentioned that we live in the Pacific Northwest, which means our bedroom’s north and east-facing windows get even less light than most. We wanted to brighten up the room as much as possible and the easiest way to do that is with paint! We chose a very pale pink (Shell Pink from Benjamin Moore) in a nice matte finish. It lightens the room incredibly well without feeling cold or sterile.

A  rose color walled room with cozy bed and large mirrors
Capree Kimball
An aqua table is set near a bed with child's pillows on it.
Capree Kimball

Speaking of windows, you may remember our sad, broken IKEA blinds. Well, those suckers DEFINITELY had to go. We replaced them with some amazing top-down, bottom-up blackout shades from The best part is the sheer layer that drops down from the top. So, during the day we can have beautiful filtered light and at night block out street lights. They are the perfect window covering for a bedroom! (I asked my husband what his favorite part about the entire bedroom makeover was and it was the shades!)

A cute teal bedside table has a white lamp in front of a window, and a bed has an animal pillow stacked on top of other break pillows and bedspreads.
Capree Kimball
Colorful sheets are on a bed that is on a blue rug on a wooden floor.
Capree Kimball

Now that we got our room brightening needs met, it was time to get to my favorite part: choosing furniture and decorating! Like I mentioned before, we wanted to create a colorful yet cozy bedroom and accessories are where it’s at.

A wooden desk has many decorative items on it.
Capree Kimball

In my opinion, the first part of making any room cozy is adding a rug [insert The Big Lebowski reference] and this gorgeous blue rug from Loloi was the perfect choice. It helps anchor the room and offset the pastel pink walls without being too visually chaotic, like a patterned rug would have done here. Plus, we’ve got crazy bedding and pillows that fit my “wacky pattern” needs just fine. (See our bathroom makeover and you’ll know what I mean.)

Plants, a lamp and other objects are arranged on side tables.
Capree Kimball
A dog sits on a colorful bed in a room with a white wall.
Capree Kimball

The next part is accessorizing with whatever makes you happy. I like surrounding myself with colorful artwork and plants, lots of plants. So, I added a ton of low light houseplants and some hanging terrariums for, y’know, added interest. The terrariums were from Target and, although the twine that comes with them is great, I couldn’t help but spice them up a bit. Some leather cording and a few wooden beads did the trick and now I have some awesome, custom hanging terrariums! Hooray!

A three hanging glass plant pots near the window
Capree Kimball
hanging flower plant and a cozy white room
Capree Kimball

Our old bedroom was lacking a few basic bedroom-y things, like lamps and nightstands. So, like a good DIYer, I made an IKEA run to snag a couple side tables that could be made over to better fit our needs (and budget). The original tables were solid white, but a few coats of spray paint helped tie them in with the rest of the room and visually separate them from the awesome white table lamps we got from LampsPlus. And voila! We were well on our way to a fully functioning bedroom! The only thing missing? A bed and a mattress that didn’t make me wake up feeling like I’d slept on a bed of rusty nails, which is where YogaBed comes in.

A tag is visible on a bed sitting on a wooden platform.
A pillow is sitting on a bed above a wooden floor.

You guys. I cannot say enough good things about our YogaBed mattress. This baby has four unique layers that all work together to give you the best night’s sleep you’ll ever have (seriously): at the top is a layer of Instant Response Foam, followed by a gel layer, a thick breathable foam layer, and then a support base. It also has a removable, washable cover which, if you’re a cleanliness person like me, is a fantastic option to have. Oh, and the best part? It’s actually incredibly affordable.

Two pillows are sitting on a mattress on a bed with a wooden headboard.

Check out to learn more — you can thank me later!

A bedroom with two light green side tables and matching white lamps that are on each side of acolorful pink, grey white, brown and red bedspread.
Capree Kimball

The last thing on our to-do list was to swap out the whirling poo fan for a nice, sleek white ceiling fan and call it a day. Fortunately, LampsPlus came to our rescue and we could finally sleep tight in our colorful, cozy, and little-bit-wacky bedroom! HAPPY DANCE.

Dog laying on furry sham on bed near a dresser in bedroom.
Capree Kimball

For those interested, I’ve included a product list below:

If I’ve missed anything, let me know in the comments!

Disclosure: YogaBedLampsPlusBlinds.comLoloi Rugs, and Target provided products for this makeover. All views and opinions are mine alone.

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