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Say Goodbye to Clumpy, Hard Brown Sugar (for 30 cents)

by on Jun 1, 2007

Brown sugar gets hard. And crusty. And crumbly. And eventually unusable.


Several clumps of brown sugar.

So, some genius Canadians came up with this adorable option: a bear-shaped chunk of terra cotta that keeps your brown sugar pliable and granulated.

A sugar cookie in the shape of a teddy bear still in its packaging.

And at the best price of three dollars (plus shipping), it’s a pretty good deal. But three dollars is three dollars, and when you can DIY one for 29 cents, you could better spend the remaining $2.70 on something else, perhaps postage to share with me some of the delicious goods you’ve baked with your eternally soft brown sugar?


One small terra cotta drainage dish
Sink or large bowl (and water)
Non-toxic marker (optional, but recommended)

1. Grab a handful of change, and head to the nursery or the craft store and purchase a drainage dish for a terra cotta pot. A 3″ dish works well.

A portion of a price tag

2. Since an orange circle is not nearly as adorable as a bear, you can give your sugar-saver a little more personality with a simple smile, drawn on by a non-toxic marker.

A hand is holding an orange disc with a smiley face on it.

3. Soak your sugarman (or sugarwoman) in water for a half an hour, then store it buried in brown sugar in whatever vessel you normally do so. It will keep your sugar clump-free for about six months. After that time, simply give it a soak for another half hour. (Or, do as I do, and soak it during baking/cooking time each time you use it).

A smiley with a sink

You can also use your new friend (or a family member) to keep baked goods, popcorn, and raisins fresh. (I think it also works on tobacco, but I shant encourage use.) And, if dried in an oven, it’ll keep salt and spices dry, and potato chips fresh.

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  1. As anyone tried to break the bear into 6-8 pieces and place pieces in spice bottles to keep spices from clumping?

  2. Would this also keep homemade powder laundry detergent from clumping and turning into a solid block?