17 Bathrooms That Prove the Shower Plant Trend is Here to Stay

17 Bathrooms That Prove the Shower Plant Trend is Here to Stay
Photo by I Spy DIY

Shower plants are a big trend in 2017, and you can't browse Pinterest these days without seeing a few plant-filled bathrooms on your feed. If you're anything like me and struggle to keep even the most durable plants alive, this shower plants trend could actually be the key to adding a little greenery to your home because it helps you remember the key to keeping plants alive: watering them often. 

 If you want to fill your bathroom with plants or actually include one or two in your shower, this trend is for you. It's not going anywhere any time soon, and these photos prove how beautiful plants can be in this odd area of your home. 

1. Hanging plants from the ceiling or the wall right next to the shower helps you save valuable space and still looks incredibly stylish. (see above)

Photo via Free People

2. Make your shower feel like a sanctuary with branches that stay alive in a glass of water. Yes, that's possible!

Photo via Design Sponge

3. Make space in your shower for an ivy-like plant that hangs from a corner to greet you every day. 

Photo via Apartment Therapy

4. Hang plants from a shower curtain rail to save valuable space and still enjoy the greenery!

5. If your shower is large enough, simply stand a large plant in the corner. No doubt it will get enough water!

6. Place larger planters right outside the shower, and even add a small one to an unused soap dish. How cute is that mini vase of flowers?!

Photo via Apartment Therapy

7. Rather than traditional plants, fill a wall with mini air plants! They're easy to take care of and won't feel intrusive on your bathroom or shower space. 

Photo via Up Interiors

8. Let a plant flow down from your ceiling at the back of the shower, or add a potted plant to a bathtub tray. 

9. Use layered hanging pots to take full advantage of small space, and hang it at the back of the shower so it won't intrude on your space.

10. Plants can stand out beautifully against bright white tiled showers!

Photo via Apartment Therapy

11. This neutral bathroom grabs your attention with a small shelf above the shower displaying multiple small pots.

Photo via Live by Being

12. Go crazy! Fill the whole bathroom with plants and make it feel like you're showering in a tropical waterfall. 

Photo via Design Sponge

13. Keep it simple and hang one large plant from the ceiling where it will get the most light from the window. 

14. Don't use the bathtub? Fill it will potted plants instead! 

15. Simply hang a plant from the shower head instead of adding hardware. It's classy and simple but still brings in beautiful greenery!

Photo via House Mix

16. Fill multiple shelves with potted plants on an empty wall to create a beautiful statement wall.

17. A unique planter can be just as beautiful as the plants and make a statement, even when it's inside of your shower.

What do you think? Are you ready to embrace the shower plant trend?

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