Eye Candy: 10 Inspiring Art + Design Studio Spaces

Eye Candy: 10 Inspiring Art + Design Studio Spaces
Photo: Jaime Ardiles-Arce

There's something about seeing the physical space people create and work in that is extremely intriguing. A glimpse behind the curtain can reveal a lot about their personality and tastes, not to mention it's just plain cool to see and relate to others through the way they interact with their workspace.

We've rounded up 10 inspiring studio spaces representing everyone from painters to filmmakers to furniture makers. Check them out below!      

1. Willem de Kooning's Studio

Image: Welikesmall

2. Welikesmall's Workspace

Image: Eva Kolenko

3. Emma Dime's Studio

Image: KNOED

4. KNOED Studio

Image: Max Tielman

5. Ariele Alasko's Workshop

Image: Victoria Smith

6. Lisa Congdon's Studio

Image: Ouno Design

7. Georgia O'Keefe's Studio

Image: Sean Fennessy

8. March Studio Design Office

Image: Katie Stratton

9. Katie Stratton's Studio Space

Image: Architectural Digest

10. Shirin Neshat's Workspace

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Brittni on Feb 28, 2015:

These are amazing! But especially that first one.

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