Reveal: Our Baby Boy's Nursery Makeover is Finished!

Reveal: Our Baby Boy's Nursery Makeover is Finished!

When we found out we were having a baby boy, my vision of a neutral nursery of ivories and golds came to a crashing halt as I suddenly wanted the room to feel very boy like- with strong greens and dark blues and unmistakably boyish features. So I changed the natural taupe wallpaper to the hunter green safari, and charged on. 

Photo: Al Daniel

As you saw in our last post, I had quite the "blank canvas" to work with.  Here's  a little refresher on what the room used to look like:

But after seeing the little one on our first ultrasound, I quickly caught the nursery design itch and had all the main pieces picked out rather quickly. Crib, Glider, Dresser; check, check, check.

After finding additional gems on LandofNod.com and elsewhere around the interwebs, I placed the big order and patiently awaited the arrival.

The smaller boxes began to arrive one by one, but then it was time for the motherload. Al arrived home from work to find a few items already assembled (read dresser and chair) and a bounty full of cardboard boxes to unpack and put together. Immediately he got nervous thinking of the thousands upon thousands of parts and 50 page instruction books that surely resided inside these boxes. But much to his (joyous) surprise, assembly of everything was remarkably easy. Just a hand full of pieces and a few bolts and screws. My handy husband had it all put together within a few hours. Major dad points already!

As the parts and pieces began to come together, I became more and more shocked. This crazy vision may actually work! And the furniture ... let me tell you about this furniture: with each new piece I thought, "Oh wow, that's nicer/bigger/fancier than I expected!" With all of the elements in place, I took a step back to take it all in.

When we began this project, we were a little worried about the whole look coming together, since it was much more bold than we typically design for. But I must admit, it turned out pretty good. The whites and grays soften the bolder colors of the accent wall and rug- and there’s enough of a mix of patterns and solids to balance each other out as well. I’m not typically a theme girl, but we did weave in a soft safari theme throughout in a way that is subtle and understated yet present if you really look for it.

The closet was a fun little DIY project that Al tackled one weekend, since the current state of affairs was rather sad indeed. The walls were old and scratched up and the shelves were a classic handy-man special. It needed some love.

We wanted to be able to store a bunch of baby gear but still look nice enough to leave open to save on space. So we added shiplap to the walls for some texture, a few shelves and copper piping for the clothes rack, and we were all set. Closet improved.

So there you have it! A baby boy's nursery all ready for his arrival into the world. We sure hope he likes it and decides to stay!

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Thanks to The Land of Nod for providing materials for this makeover project. All opinions are ours alone.

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EAH on Mar 11, 2015:

What a handsome room! I love the crib and the way you've worked this cozy space.

Anne on Mar 11, 2015:

That wallpaper!

Drew on Mar 10, 2015:

Love it! That wallpaper is amazing, and that rug looks so cozy.

alicia on Mar 10, 2015:

Absolutely stunning!

Meghan and Al on Mar 09, 2015:

Thanks for the tip Safetymama. 

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