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Dreamy and Teeny: 13 Impromptu Office Spaces

by on Feb 10, 2015

Having an entire room in your home dedicated to office space is a luxury for most people. But the 14 tiny work spaces in this roundup prove that big offices aren’t all that. As a matter of a fact, these teeny offices are so dreamy, they’ll make people with the full-size counterparts consider downsizing

This slot of an office has everything you’d want and more:

Small home office space with a grey chair facing a computer monitor that is beneath bookshelves.
Photo: Transform Home

For $1000 Sara converted a closet in her living room into a fabulous little office space:

Small home office space with wooden shelves built into a closet.
Photo: Sunset

Even tinier and just as fabulous is Martina’s hall coat closet turned office:

A closet has been turned into a small office with a desk inside.
Photo: Offbeat Home

This little alcove off a dining area is put to good use, and blends in nicely with it’s surroundings:

Paper is stuck to a wall with decorative flowers all over it above a white desk next to a white table.
Photo: Home Stories A to Z

This little space could have been an alcove or a closet. Either way, the built-ins make it look like it’s always been there:

A white working office desk with a side couch and a brown chair
Photo: Pinterest

File storage, printer, desk, overhead lighting…this little space has it all:

A woman sits in a blue chair in a small area that is partially curtained off.
Photo: A Passion for Home

Tiny? This sweet little space is more like micro:

Small workspace with table and chair, desktop on the top closed with a curtain.
Photo: Domino

A far cry from Harry Potter’s cupboard under the stairs, this space looks like it serves as a family’s command center. (Note the antique the corded phone and  CRT. Yeah, the pic is probably old, but the space’s function is as current as ever.)

Desk nook underneath stairs with shelving.
Photo: Pinterest

Although this alcove happens to be part of a ‘kid’s den,’ its use is so very charming, and those windows??? Swoon.

A table sits at the windowed area of a room with a chair.
Photo: Sarah Richardson Design

An underutilized coat closet in a dining room (a coat closet in a dining room?) underwent a major facelift, as the homeowners opened it up, made it bigger…

The corner of a room with an open closet and a stool.
Photo: Home Talk

and turned it into an office:

A white working desk with a laptop and white chair
Photo: Home Talk

Tricia’s closet looked like it already functioned as an office of sorts, but she turned it into something you’d want to hide…

A computer monitor on a desk next to a white lamp underneath several light blue containers.
Photo: Simplicity in The South

into something you’d want to show off:

Office setup in closet behind curtained door.
Photo: Simplicity in The South

Another alcove, this time with a delightful pop of color and tons of character:

A wooden chair sits at a desk surrounded by white cabinets.
Photo: NYT

This nook might be hidden away, but in no way does that mean it’s in a dark location. On the contrary, it’s full of light:

An office room with shelves and computers
Photo: Prifx

For our finale, this set up where the closet in question serves as a credenza of sorts. The disco ball rockets this pick to squeal-worthy status. Love.

A white chair sits near a white table in a grey room.
Photo: Pinterest

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