Roundup: 10 Unique Workspaces And Home Offices

10 Unique Workspaces and Home Offices
Photo: Via Stylish Eve

There's something fascinating about the novelty of a unique office. And there are certainly some interesting ones out there. We've rounded up ten of our favorites, with the hope that they might inspire you to add an element of surprise to your own workspace!   


10 Unique Workspaces and Home Offices

1. This plywood wall-mounted desk seems like it might be a fairly easy DIY project. [Photo: Scandinavian Deko]

2. This work station was cleverly placed inside of a cabinet. [Photo: Florence Finds]

10 Unique Workspaces and Home Offices

3. We've seen offices inside of closets before, but I like this one because of its efficient use of the doors, as well as the addition of a mirror. [Photo: CBC]

4. And this is the ultimate version of an office in a shed, with an outdoor table and a deck. [Photo: Via Decoist]

5. This workspace was built inside of an airstream trailer... so fun! [Photo: Design and Dishes]

10 Unique Workspaces and Home Offices

6. This space-saving desk would be great for a small apartment. [Photo: Ippinka]

7. A dome-shaped overhead library? Yes, please! [Photo: Forbes

10 Unique Workspaces and Home Offices

8. This office in a trunk has me thinking... could this be another DIY idea? And I love that it has wheels. [Photo: People Environment]

9. A mostly-black space turns warm and inviting with the addition of lighting underneath the cupboards. [Photo: Best Office Chairs Reviews

10. This combination desk and staircase is a genius way to save space. [Photo: Stylish Eve

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loD on Feb 09, 2015:

@courtney. it's called an alternating tread stair - the man in the photo isn't using it correctly. it is steep, but you're meant to step on alternating heights with each foot (it's the way we typically walk up a stair anyway) but as the stair has no handrail it's either 1.) not in the US or 2.) a temporary handrail was put in to get a CO and then removed afterwards.

Courtney on Feb 03, 2015:

I like a lot of those, but #10 looks like a nightmare to me.  Is that even up to code?  I don't see a handrail, and the incline of the steps looks too steep.  I think I would also be annoyed to have people walking on steps attached to my desk if I was trying to work.

bruno on Feb 03, 2015:

@anonymous - are you on a mobile device or viewing us on a desktop computer?

Anonymous on Feb 03, 2015:

I had made #8 for a kids toy box for the basement.  It kept the kids area cleaner and when u have company toys r out of site.  

Anonymous on Feb 03, 2015:

how about making the photos on your site enlargable? I'd like to click on them to get more detail.

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