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Eye Candy: 16 Bedrooms That Are Totally Rocking the Color Pink

by on Feb 4, 2015

In honor of Valentine’s Day this month, we’ve rounded up 16 master bedrooms that are fully embracing the color pink. From soft and subtle to completely outlandish, there’s a little something for everyone. Let us know in the comments which room speaks to you!      

An ornate gold and beige bench siits at the foot of a bed with a pink headboard and a pink carpet.
Virginia MacDonald

A pink bedroom with a bed made in a pink cover with a grey throw and a grey shoe bench at the base of the bed.
Armelle Habib

Bed room with bed, chair, mini table, bed sheet and pillows.
Julio Quinones

A window is letting in light above a bed set beneath a chandelier.
Nicole Balch

White color bedroom with pink bed, blanket, and pillows and pink wall frame on the wall.
Ryann Colleen

1. Style at Home 2. Home Life 3. Julio Quinones and Associates 4. Making It Lovely 5. Style Me Pretty

A bedroom in various shades of pink.
Madeline Weinrib

Pink bedroom with bed, couch, potted plants, table and chair.
Kimberly Genevieve

Pink color bedroom with bed, fur stools, couch, wooden table with lamp and hanging light to the ceiling.

A white bed next to a pink wall.
Adrienne Breaux

A red chair and a black bed sit in a white room with red paintings.
Sorg Architects

6. Madeline Weinrib 7. Kimberly Genevieve 8. Better Homes and Gardens 9. Apartment Therapy 10. Design Milk

Pink color bedroom with wall painting frame and wooden bed.
Katie Lydon

Pink color bedroom with wall art frame, cabinet, table lamp, bed, and shandler.
Young House Love

Pink bedroom with bed and designer pillows, cabinet, lamp, and shandler.
Jonny Valiant

A large bed with white bedsheets next to a pink nightstand and pink curtains.

Pink color bed and wall painting frames on black wall.
Esther Sun

11. Katie Lydon 12. Young House Love 13. Front + Main 14. Better Homes and Gardens 15. Style Me Pretty

And last, but certainly not least:

A pink room and a pink bed
Dean Kaufman

16. New York Magazine

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