Roundup: 9 Folded Paper Christmas Tree Christmas Card Tutorials

Roundup: 9 Folded Paper Christmas Tree Christmas Card Tutorials

POST UPDATE: Another cool card has been added to the list! The cool thing about folded paper Christmas cards is the paper does all the work, meaning, once you're done cutting and folding, embellishment isn't all that necessary. Plus, oftentimes there's no need for coloring or lettering, both of which can go bad very quickly. (Although I don't have any funny examples to show you--nobody posts their greeting card fails, apparently--you can trust my assertion, because it's happened to me  countless times.) So, without further ado, let's start folding some paper Christmas Tree Christmas Cards, shall we?

I'm loving the unexpected combination of colors in this card. Cool that the tree starts out with nothing but paper squares.

We could easily use Connie's folded tree idea for a more minimal card. She provides instructions and a cut/fold template. (This time, the tree starts out as half a circle!)

Similar to the last one, with an elongated twist:

I am adoring this pixelated pop-up complete with confetti. Kate tells us how to make it (as well as two others; one of a non-pop reindeer). She also provides cutting and scoring guides and templates for all.

From pixels to fractals...check out this bit of mathematical magic. 

To be fair, the trees aren't folded in this next card, just the pop up mechanism to make them 3D. (Click here for the illustrative photos. You'll have to scroll a ways down.)

This card is deceptively simple. It's just a matter of cutting and folding double-sided paper. In this case, dark green and light green. Carol provides the easy directions and a template for the cut/fold lines. 

No written directions for this next one, but it seems pretty self-explanatory. 

Check out this gorgeous card. (Look out, Sabuda.) This one is, once again, from Carol at Extreme Cards and Papercrafting. Definitely worth a bookmark.

And now for our BONUS card #10, this sweet geometric card from Jessica Jones!

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Sanne on Dec 04, 2014:

Great DIY's! I love these ideas, might try some myself this Christmas!

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