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How To: Make a Sweet No-Sew Fabric Gift Box

by on Dec 1, 2014

DIY Maven Last week we made a no-sew fabric gift envelope. Today, we’re going to make  no-sew gift boxes, and they’re super cute too! Supplies for this project are minimal, which we LOVE, and include the following:

  • Mod Podge
  • sponge brush
  • poster board
  • fabric of the light-weight variety (another great project to use up stash!)
  • sharp scissors
  • X-acto
  • straight edge/ruler
  • pencil
  • this TEMPLATE

Step 1: Print the template. Then cut a piece from the poster board slightly larger than the image from the template. (I chose to print the image onto heavy card stock to make it more durable. This isn’t necessary, but if you have card stock on hand, I suggest you use it.)Template for sewing project on top of graphing board.DIY Maven

Step 2: Slather a generous amount of Mod Podge on one side of the poster board using the foam brush. (My Podge is getting goopy!)

Piece of plain paper lying on graphing board.DIY Maven

Step 3: Place the poster board, sticky side down, onto a piece of fabric. Let the Mod Podge dry COMPLETELY.

A piece of paper on the backside of the fabric.DIY Maven

Step 4: Place your template on the poster board and trace around. ALSO, using a sharp pencil, pierce the slot lines and trace their position them as well. 

"A Fabric to make a Sweet No-Sew Fabric Gift Box"DIY MavenDisc shaped drawing on piece of paper on top of tissue paper.DIY Maven

Step 5: Cut out image with a scissors and cut through the slots with an X-Acto.Cutting out cardboard for a fabric gift box.DIY Maven

A person cutting fabric for gift box preparation with knife.DIY Maven

Step 6: Using a straight edge, fold all four large flaps up as shown.

"A Sweet No-Sew Fabric Gift box"DIY Maven Template on top of graph table near straight edge.DIY Maven Step 7: Flip the part over, and flip the little flaps right side to right side, as shown.

The back of a ruler on top of red and white designed fabric.DIY Maven

Step 8: Using your fingers and thumbs, gently bend the large flaps to give them a slight curve.

Making gift box with thick fabric material.DIY Maven Step: 9 Bring the two small flaps together and tuck them into one of the slots on one of the larger flaps.

A piece of cardboard is covered by a red bandana on top of a green and orange grid.DIY Maven

Step 10: Slip the small flaps into the remaining slot on the larger flap.

Red color gift box with thick fabric material.DIY Maven And we’re done! Cute, right?!

Three no-sew fabric gift boxes.DIY Maven

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