Coral Reef...The IT Color of 2015?

Coral Reef...The IT Color of 2015?

Whether we like it or not, 2015 is just around the corner. And Sherwin-Williams just jumped into the Color of the Year Game with...wait for it...Coral Reef. Before you judge the color, keep in mind S-W's description of it, which includes adjectives such as versatile, carefree, and cheerful. Sounds lovely, right? Now let's see how it looks  incorporated into interiors.

S-W says Coral Reef's versatility stems from the fact that it can add life to any design aesthetic. Traditional, transitional, cottage, contemporary...whatever. We'll ease into our exploration with Mandi's vertical stripe, which works perfectly with her modern style. I love how it adds to the artistic quality of the vignette.

And this is how KariAnne used the color in her contemporary surroundings. This is a great testament to S-W assertion that both white and black make Coral Reef 'sing.' 

For something that leans toward the transitional, the living area below, from Atmosphere Interior Design Inc., is spot on. It's also a perfect example of S-W's suggestions of pairing it up with rich sables and neutrals such as gray (their Black Fox and Sedate Gray, specifically).

How about traditional? Works with those interiors too, as evidenced in this living room:

Vicky added a sweet coral dresser to her cool blue and white beach cottage bedroom.

And, of course, we can't forget Mid-Century Modern. Jane didn't.

In summation, I think I've verified Sherwin-Williams assertion: Coral Reef works with any design aesthetic. What do you think? Are you warming up to Coral Reef too??

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