Eye Candy: 10 Super Unique Headboard Ideas

10 Unique Headboard Ideas

If you're looking for a fun, easy bedroom element to customize yourself, your headboard might be it. Sure, you can make your own upholstered headboard if you have lots of time and patience, but there are plenty of other, simpler ways to give your headboard some custom style. Click through to check out ten of my favorites.   


10 Unique Headboard Ideas

1. Buy slabs of natural wood and attach them to the wall for a rustic feel. [Photo: Domaine]

2. A stencil is a fun option as well! This is great if you're short on space. [Photo: House and Home]

10 Unique Headboard Ideas

3. This corrugated tin headboard gives the space an industrial feel with a hint of glamour thanks to the shape. [Photo: HGTV]

4. This reclaimed wood headboard feels even more unique with hand-painted text. [Photo: Via Snappy Pixels]

10 Unique Headboard Ideas

5. You might also consider painting an old set of shutters to use as a brightly colored accent. [Photo: Samantha Elizabeth]

6. A large piece of artwork (either a canvas or a framed print) makes a statement as well. [Photo: One+Only]

10 Unique Headboard Ideas

7. Large tin ceiling tiles look beautiful in this loft space. [Photo: JPM Design

8. A framed mirror adds a sense of drama to this room. [Photo: Jennifer Brouwer]

10 Unique Headboard Ideas

9. Add height to any headboard for a simple way to make it feel special. [Photo: Roomzaar]

10. This painted chalkboard headboard is a great place to write little messages and encouraging quotes. [Photo: HGTV]

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