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Before and After: An Upstate New York Home Gets the World’s Most Colorful Makeover

by on Nov 19, 2014

Kat O’Sullivan

Nestled near the base of the Catskill Mountains in New York, you’ll find what can arguably be described as the world’s most colorful home. A labor of love, every visible surface of this 1840s home has been given a coat of paint by artist Kat O’Sullivan (and a group of very supportive friends). The result is a structure that seemingly spans the entire perceivable color spectrum.     

A multi colored bus in front of a multicolored home with a smiling mouth.Kat O’Sullivan

A two photo collage shows one white house and another colorful house.Kat O’Sullivan

"Beautiful colourful triangled house."Kat O’Sullivan

Inside, the home takes on a life of its own: a hallway of heads, checkerboard stairs, a ballroom filled with gilded frames. The entire property is imbued with a sense of wild creativity and uninhibited imagination — blending, oddly enough, quite perfectly with the wilderness that surrounds it.

"A Home and Things decorated with different colors"Kat O’Sullivan

An old wooden attic above an attic that is painted with bright red blue and green colors.Kat O’Sullivan

" A Black and White Stairs with Red Rails"Kat O’Sullivan

When she’s not adding new structural shapes (those round windows!) or painted patterns to her home, Kat pours her creative efforts into her incredibly successful business making and selling patchwork coats made from thrifted sweaters. These recycled creations are just as colorful and jaw dropping as her home. (Check out her Etsy shop for more!)

A two photo collage shows a room with white walls and a room with bright teal walls.Kat O’Sullivan

An aqua green painted room with a checkered ceiling and a white painted room with plants and sculptures.Kat O’Sullivan

A home with masks of men adorning the walls.Kat O’Sullivan

Check out more of this unapologetically colorful home over on Kat’s website — and be sure to take a peek at her amazing clothing creations as well!

More ‘before and after’ pics below:

The interior of a room under contruction with bare bones and a room finished with a blue roof and white accents around three arched windows.Kat O’Sullivan

"A Colorful home with Beautiful Red Carpet"Kat O’Sullivan

"A White House painted with Bright Colors"Kat O’Sullivan

A colorful bus sits on the left of a colorful house.Kat O’Sullivan

"The Elevation of a House Painted with different Colors"Kat O’Sullivan

Vibrant and colorful house near lake at sunset.Kat O’Sullivan

[h/t DesignBoom]

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  1. I applaud people who see the potential. Maybe all this is over the top for some, but this is an awesome transformation of a place that was left behind. Bravo!

  2. ‘I remember a cool HGTV show about unique houses like this. I miss that show.’

    It was awesome interiors (i think) with Jennifer Convy. I loved that show.

  3. Katwise has legions of fans and followers, mostly for her unique designs but also for Calico, her colorful home. Her spirit shines.

  4. I am in love!  Now to convince my housemates we should do this to their house!  I wonder if the neighbours would love it as much as I? 

  5. WOW!

    I’m not sure about the resale value but this is definitely a home that reflects the owner’s personality.

    What a wonderfun adventure 😉

  6. This is pretty much my nightmare home, haha. I get itchy just thinking about trying to relax in there.  But good for her for creating such a unique space that clearly reflects her artistic nature!

  7. I loved the room with the stained glass and light blue walls. There was also a white bathroom? White space anyway. I would not be able to get comfortable in a house with this much going on either! But wow I love the dedication to finishing the whole thing! I do like the very large exagerated victorian trim on the outsided. I belive its black.

  8. Awful, I hope whoever lives there plans on staying permanently because resale is not going to happen looking like this!

  9. Amazing! The people who have left disparaging remarks, were never taught “if you nothing nice to say, say nothing at all”

  10. well, that will be sure to drag down the value of the neighborhood.glad I don’t live near them. what an eyesore!