Shopping Guide: 10 Throw Blankets To Keep You Warm This Fall

10 must have blankets for fall
I'm all for snuggling up on the couch under a good throw. I tend to collect throw blankets because there are sooo many textures, styles, and colors! Here are ten that could do a great job of keeping you warm this fall season! There are tons of different price points so there's a throw for everyone!      


10 blankets to keep you warm this fall

1. Black Sheep Throw Blanket from TexturableDecor on Etsy 2. Pia Wallen Cross Throw Blanket from Urban Outfitters 3. Heatherton Yellow Throw from Crate & Barrel 4. Threshold Fair Isle Throw from Target 5. Faux Fur Throw from H&M 6. Silver Grey Throw from The Prairie Boutique on Etsy 7. Pink Druzi Wool Blanket from Koromiko 8. Horizontal Double Rib Throw from West Elm 9. Pointelle Throw from Anthropologie 10. Fringe Wool Knit Blanket from Overstock

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