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10 Delicious, Drool-Worthy Fall Cocktails

by on Oct 21, 2014

Back To Her Roots

A crisp fall afternoon picking apples calls for a delicious apple cocktail to warm you up in the evening. Or if apples aren’t your thing, try a fig drink. Or maybe add some maple syrup to sweeten things up. Here are ten absolutely delicious drinks that will keep you warm on those chilly October nights.   

10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

1. This first pick is almost too pretty to drink… head over to Jack & A Jigger to get the recipe for The Figaro. [Photo: Jack & A Jigger]

2. If bourbon is your thing, try the Bourbon Bomber. [Photo: The Boys Club]

10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

3. What’s better than a bourbon straight up? A bourbon sweetened with maple syrup and served with a mini waffle. Find the recipe here. [Photo: Food Fanatic]

4. Use whiskey, pear nectar and salted caramel to make this fun drink. Here are the instructions. [Photo: Swooned]

5. Applejack is one of my favorite spirits… this drink is made by mixing Applejack with rye and lemon juice (among other things). Read more here. [Photo: Smith & Ratliff]

10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

6. Apple cider sangria? Yes please. Here’s the recipe. Mix up a pitcher on Halloween night so the adults can have a treat too! [Photo: Pretty Plain Janes]

7. Pear is another great fruit for autumn… this vanilla, pear and vodka cocktail would be perfect for those cold, stormy fall nights. Here are the instructions. [Photo: Two Tarts]

10 Delicious Fall Cocktail Recipes

8. If you’re feeling adventurous, give this gorgeous beet cocktail a go. Here’s the recipe. [Photo: Serious Eats]

9. This apple cider shandy looks delicious… find out how to make it here (it’s super easy!). [Photo: Back To Her Roots

10. The simple Harvest Moon cocktail shown above is made with rye calvados. Here’s the recipe. [Photo: One Martini

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