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How to: Make a Decorative Leaf Mobile

by on Oct 15, 2017

Rachel Mae Smith It’s not often that I decorate my home for fall (aside from the classic pumpkin, of course). Perhaps it’s because I tend to go budget-big for Christmas, but seasonal decor usually sits on the back burner during this time of year. Well, not this year. Things are about to change because I figured out a way to decorate for next to nothing! Chances are you already have everything on hand now too. 

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith

What you’ll need:

– Leaves
– Spray Paint
– Scissors
– Thread/Embroidery Floss
– Branch

If your leaves are still green, I recommend pressing them (in between two sheets on paper towels in a heavy book) for 1 week before painting. The edges will still curl a bit after you hang them and pressing just ensures they curl less. 

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith Head to a well ventilated area and spray paint your leaves. Let dry then repeat on the back.

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith Once your leaves are dry, tie one end of your embroidery thread around the leaf and the other on the branch. You could also use twine, string, or leather cord, depending on the overall look you’d like. 

I found that hanging the leaves at different heights made the mobile a bit more interesting. You could also mix and match leaves from different trees or embellish your branch to make it really pop.

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith Hang by resting on two nails, one on either end of the branch, and enjoy all season long!

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith

DIY Leaf MobileRachel Mae Smith

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  1. Will this work with fallen leaves? How long do these last for? I get married in September next year and would love to make some of these as decorations. X