Eye Candy: 10 Orange and Luscious Interiors

Eye Candy: 10 Orange and Luscious Interiors

October is the time of year when we can indulge in a little orange love, but for the owners of these interiors, every day is a celebration in pumpkin.

This MCM interior is given instant architectural interest with a juicy, orange wall. Scattering accents throughout  'integrate the color throughout the space.'


Coupling orange and brown can be tricky as it can emit an unintentional 70's vibe. This living room, however, does it just right.

Another living area, but with a more subtle addition of orange that gives freshness without overpowering.

If you think orange is more appropriate for modern interiors, take a look at this traditional living room.

Another brown and orange coupling, but this time the kitchen is included.  

Orange in the dining room? Yes, it works there too and can be oh so sumptuous.

Bedrooms are a great place to show your orange love before you proclaim it to the world (more social areas).

Orange, graphic textiles in this 2013 HGTV Smart Home guest bedroom couple with its tan walls perfectly.

Bathrooms are another place to express your burgeoning love of orange. There's a lot going on in this particular bathroom, but it certainly is fun.

Orange for interior spaces only? Of course not. This outdoor living space beckons us with its vibrant energy. 

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