Decor Disputes: White Windows with Wood Trim, Yes or No?

Decor Disputes: White Windows with Wood Trim, Yes or No?
Sweetie Pie and I are in the process of fact-finding window replacements/upgrades. Last week, we had a consultation with a window manufacturer for state of the art, composite replacements with unfinished, real wood laminate interiors. The quote? $30k for 20 windows. One of them is a gigantic 'picture' window that clocked in at $8k alone. Ouch. We're getting  3 more quotes, but I'm not expecting great savings from the other companies. We're also exploring the DIY route, of course, but even those replacements with wood interiors average about $1,000 a window. Of course, one of the biggest adders is the wood interiors that we want. That's because we have an aversion to white composite (or vinyl, which Sweetie Pie REALLY doesn't like) coupled with our wood interior trim. How about you? What do you think? Do white windows and natural wood trim ever work??  

In the picture above, the people swapped out their vinyls for wood. That shot was a 'before'; here is a 'during.' They found their replacements via salvage/Craigslist. They added storm windows to the new/old wood windows and say that the partnership is 'MUCH' warmer and draft-proof than the old vinyl widows. 

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Janet Carter on Nov 15, 2017:

It depends on the house. If you live in a rustic cabin with lots of wood walls and trim, it is a nice touch to add a touch of color to brighten space and add character.

Stacey on Oct 07, 2014:

IMO, if you have a home with lovingly restored/original wood trim, like the craftsman home in your example photos, you have to already assume that wood windows are where you're headed.  Why bother with anything else?  Having said that, there's nothing wrong with vinyl windows at all; it just depends on what your goal is with your home.

In my previous home, I replaced windows a side of the house at a time to keep costs down while still getting some benefit from new windows.  While it took 4 years for me get them all replaced, it didn't break me financially.

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