Guess The Kitchen Gadget: The Modern Art Edition

Guess The Kitchen Gadget: The Modern Art Edition

Some are clever; some look like works of art; all are handy. That's what this game of guess the kitchen gadget, the modern art edition, is all about. As always, clues will be given as well as answers at the end. Good luck!

1. Use this  to mash in May, then rest of the year your doctor will play.

2. 1,000 to cradle 2,000.

3. Stick 'em so you don't have to lick 'em.

4. It takes one, a piece at a time.

5. Portions begin here. 

1. Rocker Garlic Crusher, Brooklyn Museum, $17.95.

2. Crane Chopstick Stand, The British Museum, £3.99.

3. Hofmann Sterling Silver Corn Holders, Neue Galerie, $350 (two pair).

4. Cake Server, SFMOMA Museum Store, $35.00. (There's an accompanying video showing this thing in action; it's VERY cool.)

5: 3-D Shape Cutting Board, MOMA Store, $175.00.

So?? How'd you do????

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M on Sep 11, 2014:

The cake one is GENIUS!

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