The Ultimate Wine Cork Craft: A Cork Covered Car

The Ultimate Wine Cork Craft: A Cork Covered Car

Yesterday, Sweetie Pie and I were strolling through a classic car show when we spotted a 1957 BMW Isetta covered in wine corks, which just might be the ultimate wine cork craft. Why would someone do this to a car? Maybe because the car looked like  this before: 

And here's what it looks like now:

Besides having only 3 wheels, this car only has one door. And it's on the front.

From the rear:

 The little car attracted a lot of attention, deservedly so. The owner's name is Duane Saunders and he spent nearly a year gluing more than 1,900 corks--which he cut in HALF--to his micro-car. Duane's love of BMW Isetta's began when he bought one overseas as a soldier in the early sixties. It cost him $200 bucks and only $50 to have it shipped to the U.S.

From the side:

Each of the corks were coped for a perfect fit. It was pretty amazing. Just think, no worries about dings, and, who knows, it might even float!

Of course the original emblems are still on display. 

For more information about the cork car and Mr. Saunders, click here.

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