10 Super Clever Bathroom Storage And Organization Ideas

Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

I don't know about you, but storage is a major issue in my bathroom. It's a tiny space to begin with, and the only real built-in storage is the vanity. So I've had to get creative. Here is some of my inspiration.   


Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

1. Take advantage of the space behind the vanity door to hang a small shoe organizer, and fill it with things like hairspray or cleaning products. [Photo: A Thoughtful Place Blog]

2. Another great use for a mason jar! Read more here. [Photo: Thrifty Crafty Girl]

Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

3. A cake stand is a cute way to organize things like nail polish or makeup. [Photo: Midwest Living]

4. Here we have a clever way to store magazines. [Photo: Young House Love

Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

5. Keep your makeup brushes organized with this clever storage idea. [Photo: Via Homedit]

6. Take advantage of the unused space above your door with this genius idea. [Photo: Martha Stewart]

Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

7. Try mounting a large over-the-door caddy behind the bathroom or closet door for lots of extra storage. [Photo: Bob Vila]

8. Round storage adds some visual interest to this wall. [Photo: x4duros.com]

Clever Bathroom Storage & Organization Ideas

9. Mount nesting baskets sideways on the wall above the toilet to store extra towels. [Photo: I'm Busy Procrastinating]

10. Attach acrylic makeup holders to the inside of your medicine cabinet. [Photo: Via Ohua88]

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Anonymous on Apr 30, 2015:

Love most of the ideas but if you have cats, don't leave out the makeup brushes, Q-tips and cotton balls. Cats love to chew on brushes and eat cotton. 8<>

faith-towers on Sep 02, 2014:

Awesome ideas Jenna, thanks for sharing!!

Jenna on Sep 02, 2014:

Add to that last one with an adhesive magnet strip - then stick your bobbie pins to it - easy to get to, easy to put away! I also use a stainless steel cutlery container from Ikea (it's got holes all over it) screwed to the wall to hold my blow dryer and curling & flat irons, even if they're hot when I put them away. I also use a 6 pack cardboard carrier to put my brushes and daily use products in, I can stash it away under the sink quickly if I need to. 

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