Roundup: 10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

It's that time of year again, when summer ends and it's time to go back to school. And if you're a college student, that means it's dorm room decorating time! Here are ten great DIY ideas that will have your space looking colorful and unique in no time.   


10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

1. Give your mini fridge some flair with this fun tutorial. [Photo: Bower Power Blog]

2. These pretty vases will add a pop of color to your bookshelf. Find out how to make them here. [Photo: Trashy Crafter

3. Skip the movie posters and go with these neon polka dot prints instead. [Photo: Oh Happy Day]

10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

4. This pom pom rug is sure to be a conversation starter. Here are the instructions. [Photo: Goods Home Design]

5. Storage crates do double duty as seating and a place to hide knick-knacks. Check out the tutorial here. [Photo: A Sunny Day In First Grade]

10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

6. There's no reason to have a boring old cork board when you can easily make one of these fabric covered bulletin boards instead. Find out how here. [Photo: Making Lemonade Blog]

7. Go bold with an entire wall of photos like the one above. Here is how you do it (without spending a fortune on instant film). [Photo: A Beautiful Mess]

8. Cast a warm glow over your room by wrapping string lights around branches and placing them in a vase. Cheap, easy and gorgeous! [Photo: Decorating Diva Tips]

10 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

9. Here's a fun one... make your own floral wallpaper using this super easy tutorial. [Photo: I Like Fall Blog]

10. Customize a boring old office chair by painting it to match your decor. More info is available here. [Photo: It's Always Autumn]

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