Dorm Room Living: 3 Little Essentials That Can Make a Big Difference

Dorm Room Living: 3 Little Essentials That Can Make a Big Difference

The internets are replete with dorm decor ideas this time of year. Although they all offer great ideas, a lot of them just aren't practical. Some might take more time to construct than you'd like; others might take up too much packing space. Some might not even suit your dorm room once you get  there. So, in this dorm room decor roundup, we've gathered a variety of ingenious ideas that utilize our three little essentials. 

First on our essential list is 3M Command Hooks. A variety of sizes is best. A package of the small and a couple of packages of the larger ones will do just fine. Here's some ideas for which you can use them.

Mount your iPad anywhere:

Organize your necklaces:

Have your glasses within reach when you wake up:

Besides using them to keep track of your keys, you can use them to hold up a curtain/fabric to create an on the fly headboard.

Next on the must-have list, wooden clothes pins. (Not only are they and inexpensive alternative to, say, bulldog clips, they're charming too.) Couple them with the Command Hooks and some string or yarn, and you have a great photo collage:

Use them to keep your cords tidy...

and identify them too:

Of course they can be used for their original intended purpose: hang clothes that need to be dried too. In this case, wet winter gloves and hat.

If you pick your clothes out to wear in advance, they make for great closet organization:

Also keep your scarves tidy with them, as well as use them for chip bag clips, impromptu bookmarks, paper binders, and note and business card holders. The list goes on and on... 

Our 3rd must-have is Washi Tape. Pair it up with some of those small Command Hooks and look at the cute jewelry holder/wall art you could have:

Another great idea from HGTV: impromptu typographical art. Love.

Cover unfinished/ugly shelf/desk edges with it (or just give them some style.):

Use it to make frames:

Or even a headboard.

Do you have an ingenious way of using 3M Command Hooks, wooden clothes pins, and washi tape? If so, we'd love to hear them in the comments!!

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