This to That: Traditional Light Post Lamp Turned Moody Moroccan Lantern

This to That: Traditional Light Post Lamp Turned Moody Moroccan Lantern

This light post lamp looks rough, but it's solid brass under that gunk and black finish, which is why I've held on to it for more years than I can remember. I'd always intended to remake it into an outdoor lantern, and I finally did. First  I had pull the wires out. Did that by using a pliers to loosen the nut on the bottom of the fixture.

Then I took the whole thing apart using a screwdriver, which I also used to pry back the little tabs that held the glass in place.

The finial was connected by a hinge, which I removed. I sanded the spot where it was attached to take down the rough metal remaining.

The decorative cuff inside hadn't been painted, so I used a roto tool with a buffing attachment to buff it back to show off it's brassiness. 

Then I washed all the parts, let them dry and spray painted all of them (except the cuff and glass, of course) with a Moroccan blue enamel.

After reinstalling the glass, I turned the lamp over and applied a bead of caulk to the bottom and then glued the finial to it. (You'll see what I mean in a sec.)

While that was gluing up, Sweetie Pie cut a couple pieces of boards to size and sandwiched them together--the top one of the sandwich to fit inside the lantern's bottom.

I spray painted them too, and then I attached the cuff to the smaller board. The cuff, as it turned out, fit a 3" battery operated candle perfectly.

Then I slipped the lantern over the sandwich, and I was done. I adore how it turned out. The Moroccan blue and brassy cuff were meant for each other!

And, just for comparison, the before:

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