Eye Candy: 10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

Lately I've noticed a trend around the blogosphere - people have been layering their furniture. Coffee tables over ottomans, storage cabinets underneath desks, console tables over stools... the list goes on. And the best part about this concept is that it saves tons of space!   


10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

1. Here, two round poufs add some glamour to a plain old glass table. [Photo: Josh Gruetzmacher Photography]

2. Same idea as #1, but this person has taken a more geometric approach. [Photo: Comfy Home Decor]

10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

3. Place a filing cabinet underneath your desk to save space. [Photo: DecorPad]

4. Here, ceramic stools are placed underneath a console table... they can be taken out and used as extra seating if you're entertaining a large group. [Photo: Via Jodie Carter Design]

10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

5. Crisp white ottomans are stored underneath a wooden table... great combination! [Photo: Handmaid Tales]

6. Here, nesting tables have been used in place of a coffee table. [Photo: Leva & Bo]

10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

7. You could also place a larger coffee table over a smaller one. [Photo: ForRent.com]

8. This rolling storage cart doubles as a bench when you're using the computer. Genius! [Photo: Martha Stewart]

10 Ways To Layer Your Furniture

9. Here, a taller coffee table has been layered over a shorter ottoman... very chic. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

10. A glass table over a modern white platform provides two surfaces in one. [Photo: Feng Shui Trend]

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faith-towers on Aug 18, 2014:

It doesn't appeal to everyone Jeff, that's true... I agree that it's more effective in an open space rather than a small, cluttered one. And thanks for sharing your photo Vinvinvintage, love the combination!

Vinvinvintage on Aug 17, 2014:

This is my Ikea Lövbacken side tabele layered over a wheeled acrylic media stand I found abandoned on the street. It's kind of a smaller version of the layered furniture from the above's picures. 

I agree that it CAN look messy, -that's why I put a box in it to keep all the clutter hidden..

Jeff Morgan on Aug 15, 2014:

I understand the concept, but I personally believe this layering makes rooms too cluttered. Maybe if the rest of a room was clean, simple lines and one spot had a layered feature, but this is too much for my sensibility. It could also be that it works better in bigger rooms.

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