How to: Make An Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase

Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase
Faith Towers

I have about a million plain glass vases. And a ton of old nail polish. If you browse Pinterest long enough, you're bound to run into a million different marbled glass tutorials using nail polish (like this beauty Rachel did for Poppytalk) ... so I decided to give it a go! Click through to find out how to do this super easy project.   


Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase
Faith Towers

I liked the idea of leaving some of the clear glass visible, so I decided to tape off the top section. Feel free to tape as much of the glass off as you like, but just make sure that the water in the bowl is deep enough to dip the whole untaped portion. Here are the materials that you'll need for this project:

- Multiple nail polish colors
- A clear glass vase
- A toothpick
- Painter's tape
- A bowl of water 

Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase

1. Begin by sectioning off your vase using painter’s tape. 

2. Fill a bowl with room temperature water. Choose two or three different nail polish colors, and pour them slowly onto the surface of the water. Some of the polish will sink to the bottom, and that’s okay.

3. Working quickly now, use a toothpick to swirl the polish into a marbled pattern. 

Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase

4. Carefully dip your vase into the marbled water, ensuring that you dip far enough so that the polish overlaps onto the painter’s tape. 

5. Remove it very slowly. 

Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase

6. Place it upside down to dry. The great thing about this project is that the polish can be removed from the vase using nail polish remover if you are unhappy with your initial attempt.

7. Once you’re satisfied with your vase, let the polish dry thoroughly and then remove the painter’s tape. And that's it! Now you have a chic vase perfect for a bouquet of roses.

Easy DIY Marble-Dipped Vase


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Antigone on Jan 13, 2015:

Perfection! TY

faith-towers on Jan 13, 2015:

I used just gold and white!

Antigone on Jan 13, 2015:

Great idea! What colors did u use for this photo?

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