10 Super Clever Home Organizing Hacks

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

I love finding new organizing hacks... you know, the ones that make you say, "why didn't I think of that?" So I thought I'd round up a few of my recent favorites. Ten, in fact. Click through to check 'em out!   


Genius Home Organizing Hacks

1. Use can tabs to double your closet space. [Photo: Right At Home]

2. Ice cube trays make great jewelry organizers. [Photo: Real Simple]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

3. Use frames to create pretty key organizers. [Photo: Real Simple]

4. Recycle tin cans and use them as storage for your art supplies. [Photo: Mendez Manor]

5. A magnetic strip is a great way to keep your medicine cabinet organized. [Photo: Darkroom and Dearly]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

6. Paint your keys different colors using nail polish so you can easily tell them apart. [Photo: Savvy Sugar]

7. Turn a cereal box into an office organizer, by cutting it and covering it with decorative paper. [Photo: Practically Organized]

Genius Home Organizing Hacks

8. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer to house scarves, hats and other accessories. [Photo: The DIY Village]

9. Tissue boxes make great plastic bag holders. [Photo: DIY Cozy Home]

10. Maximize storage using bungee cords... find out how to make these clever organizers here. [Photo: Brit + Co.

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Anonymous on Oct 17, 2014:

The Home Depot, Lowes, Williams Sonoma and Ikea (cheapest place I know of) all sell them.  They are actually not adhevise, there are two pieces.  The first piece (mount) you screw into the wall and then the actual strip of metal either slides or snaps onto the first piece.  I use them for my knives instead of a knife block and put the in a cabinet so they are up and out of the way.  If you choose to do that just remember when taking the knife off pull up at an angled motion towards the top of the knife, not the blade (where you actually cut) it will damage the blade. 

Anonymous on Oct 17, 2014:

Where do you find those magnetic strips?  It looks like they are adhesive on one side.  Do they have a name?

faith-towers on Oct 16, 2014:

Love the clear egg carton idea... genius!

Anonymous on Oct 16, 2014:

I have been using clear plastic egg cartons with the lids cut off for my earrings.  When they get dusty, don't bother to wash, just replace---FREE.

faith-towers on Jul 13, 2014:

Awesome idea Sue!

Sue at nobaddays on Jul 10, 2014:

I use a shoe organizer (like the one in your hack #8) on the back of our pantry door, and store sports bottles and sippy cups in it. Each pouch is big enough for a water bottle and its lid. No more hunting for the right lid!

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