Eye Candy: Beautifully Designed Tiny Homes and Apartments

by on Jul 15, 2014

"Tiny Homes decorated and arranged using best Storage"

Wanna tax your design skills? Move into a tiny space and see what happens. Already in a tiny space? Then you know all  the challenges designing such a space entails. It’s also why you might be much better at being organized than your McMansion counterparts. You need to be tidy if you want to maximize your space! Much as the occupants of these postage stamp places who have perfected tiny living that enables them to live large.

This tiny house built in Berkley, CA cost $98,000 to build. (Inexpensive in the Berkley housing market, I’m guessing.) It’s a Net-Zero energy house and is powered by a 1.67 Kw solar system. Rather rustic on the outside. . . 

"Beautifully designed tiny home and a lady sitting on couch with a laptop in a living room."The tiny Life but check out its lux inside. As neat as a pin and all the conveniences accounted for, including a lofted sleeping space and compact stairs that are equal parts art and vertical bridge.

A loft with a whie latter and a kitchen under the loft.The tiny Life

Jessica Helgerson’s tiny Oregon home was featured in Martha Stewart Living and for good reason.

An open concept kitchen with a neutral colors, featuring a lot of wood accents.Lincoln Barbour

It’s beautiful, and even though the house is small, with good organization, it’s big enough for a family of four. It has a ‘library’ that surpasses most regular-sized homes, thanks to built-ins from floor to nearly ceiling. (Be sure to click the link to see more pictures!)

Books are stacked on white shelves in a room with at black sectional and a ladder.Lincoln Barbour

The ProtoHaus is 125 square feet of pure perfection. . . 

A white room is decorated in modern style decor.Protohaus

with clever built-ins galore. Also, note the little wall mounted fireplace. Cozy! "Tiny home with organized room appliances."Protohaus

Check out this squeal-worthy beach house. 

A bright blue house with white chairs with blue pillows on them on the green porch.Beach Bliss Living

It might be more RV than house, but on the inside, you wouldn’t know it. (Aside from it’s size, maybe.) Seating for a crowd. . .

A living room has a long blue sofa futon with light green pillows on it.Beach Bliss Living

a sleeping loft, a kitchen and bathroom? I’ll take it. 

"Tiny home with cushions,laptop,tv and ladder."Beach Bliss Living

From tiny homes to tiny apartments, these city dwellers know how to nest with the best. Located in Sweden, this 355 square foot apartment (a mansion compared to some of the little houses we just looked at) is perfection pure and simple.

White furniture fills a living room with a television an a glass door.Decoholic

The transition from room to room is seamless, which makes it feel like one large space versus several small, defined areas. The simple color palette and kitchen cabinets are two ways this is accomplished. Instead of using open shelving, the occupant takes advantage of drawer space which eliminates clutter and adds to the design’s seamless quality. 

"A Beautiful Living Room With White Things"Decoholic Is that a bedroom I see off this skinny apartment’s dining area with full size upper cabinets mounted above the bed? Clever use of empty space for smart storage!

The kitchen sits on the left of the bedroom area in a studio apartment with bright interiors and colorful decors.Freshome Looking the other direction, the light and airy feeling continues. 

A kitchen has a small white round table and a mirror.Freshome

At 46 square meters this apartment has a similar color palette as our last two offerings, which also adds to its airy quality. And, again, note the simple kitchen (hardware-less) cabinets that almost disappear into the surroundings.

And check out its bathroom/laundry room combo. Very efficient!

And our last entry, Joann’s place. It’s tiny, but it has a big heart. Instead of trying to find storage for her gorgeous bike, she presents it as art. 

"A Beautiful and tiny Living Room with decorative"AT

In her bedroom, a draped skirt is used to hide bits and bobs stored underneath the bed, and instead of a headboard, she opted for a floating shelf for more storage. 

A bed squished between two walls with a red pillow on it with a white heart on the pillow and an oval sphere pendulant light.AT

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