Roundup: 6 Rooms Go From Cluttered to Clean

Roundup: 6 Rooms Go From Cluttered to Clean

Do you need some inspiration to do a little decluttering and cleaning? If so, you gotta check out these before and afters. Like with any cleaning/straightening job, sometimes it's best to start small, which is  what we're going to do. 

Carmen helped with an entire space pick up that included this kitchen. Not horrible, but definitely in need of some attention:

Nothing extravagant after, just clean and tidy (note to self: closed drawers can make all the difference).

Sometimes you don't put things away like you should, and suddenly the room is cluttered. I'm guessing that's what happened in Sharon's laundry room:

And Sharon's laundry room after:

Heather's bedroom tidy-up makes me smile.

It's better 'after,' but even Heather admits she has a way to go. Like making the bed and putting ALL the clothes away.

I love Katie's un-messy makeover because it's probably very familiar to family's with kids. And what a lovely room Katie has hiding under all those toys!

This workspace from a member of Imgur is OUT OF CONTROL. How someone accumulates that many chip bags and soda bottles is beyond me. But, to each his or her own.

And after:

Our last entry is nothing less than amazing. Omaira's guest room/office was such a cluttered mess, she couldn't walk through it! (I knew a family that had a designating 'junk room' in their home. It looked much like this one. Probably still does.)

Check out Omaira's guest room/office now!

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