Roundup: Gorgeous Outdoor Curtain Ideas and Tutorials

Roundup: Gorgeous Outdoor Curtain Ideas and Tutorials

Sweetie Pie and I are putting the finishing touches on a pergola which we've incorporated onto our existing deck. It's looking great as is, but I'm thinking I might want to add some outdoor curtains to the space. I'm not sure what kind of a hassle they are. You know, damp, mold, bugs, etc.  (If anyone has experience with outdoor curtains, PLEASE share your experiences in the comments below!) Even though  we haven't made up our minds one way or the other, I can't help but rounding up some inspirational pictures and tutorials. Here are some that caught my eye, and make me want to go all in!

We'll start with a little inspiration first. These curtains probably aren't needed for privacy, but they certainly add an additional--and dramatic--framing detail for that lush, wooded back yard. Oh, and can we give snaps to those stripped, PINK pillows?! 

Curtains framing and outdoor dining space? Yes, please. The two-tone effect was a unique choice that adds color without overpowering.

The curtains that surround Jessica's lovely outdoor living space are hung on a DIY curtain rod that she made using galvanized pipe! Click here for the tutorial.

And here's a link to Darnetha's DIY curtain rod, also using pipe. (It's pictures like this with flowing, sheer drapes that make me want 'em!)

No rod? No problem.

And . Oh, and because she's an over-achiever, she also made the curtains! Those she fitted with grommet to slip on the hooks.

If you're not interested in sewing outdoor curtains, you can find them at retailers such as Pottery Barn. (Between $59 and $79 per panel.) The ecru curtains in this vignette set off the deep red upholstery beautifully. And that chandelier? Might need to consider one of those too! Non-electric, of course, in the pergola.

For a more affordable, store-bought curtain, Greg used IKEA's $27.99 MERETE curtain panels to pair up with his DIY curtain rod. Even though the MERETE is not sold as an outdoor curtain, Greg had heard from others that they hold up very well when used as such. Greg says that the new curtains make his family's covered patio feel more like an indoor living space and not so much like a 'carport.'

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Lucy on Jun 30, 2014:

I wonder how some pretty white shower curtains would work.  There are so many nice fabric ones around and since they are meant to get wet, they may prevent any mildew problem. 

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