How To: Paint an Ombre Wall

How To: Paint an Ombre Wall

I thought we were approaching the tipping point of the ombre craze, but then I saw a new how-to on  Colorhouse that uses the technique to transform a section of boring wall into a tranquil vertical oasis. Colorhouse does  suggest that the effect be reserved for a single accent wall. (No need to go overboard.) So, does this mean there's still life in the fade? You tell us. For the entire tutorial, please visit this page at Colorhouse.

How to Paint an Ombre Wall [Colorhouse] 

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Anne on Oct 04, 2018:

I love this ombre look! I don't know where I have been since it was a "thing", but I have been searching for the right look for my bedroom accent wall and when I saw this I fell in love. Can't wait to try this myself.

Katie on Jun 24, 2014:

And suddenly I am totally not over ombre anymore, what a cool look for an accent wall!!!

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