How-To Roundup: 10 DIY Roller Shade Makeovers

How-To Roundup: 10 DIY Roller Shade Makeovers
DIYers have been making over inexpensive roller shades for some time now. These projects, however, are some of the most successful transformations out there. Using fabric, paint, paper, and, in one case, a paper punch , there's something for everyone. 

Paper flowers (cut from scrapbooking paper and attached with grommets) plus some lengths of ribbon and these cheap roller shades look like a million damn dollars. Love them!

Simpler yet equally fresh, are these rick-rack embellished shades:

Did you know you can spray paint roller shades? That's how Clare made her chevron shade.

A bit of glue adhered the fabric just to the edges of this roller-blind makeover.

If that last one was a bit too 'tame' check out this eye-popping fabric-covered blind (unlike the last project, the maker used spray adhesive to adhere the fabric to the entire shade):

One more 'textile' roller-shade, this time from Martha. What sets this one apart is that the existing shade was removed entirely, and a section of  a map-printed table cloth was stapled on the roller. Clever and charming.

Another offering from Martha, this time using wallpaper to cover the shade. 

Paint and a stencil give this shade loads of style and attitude:

If you have a steady hand, how about hand-painting a roller shade? 

And, finally, the paper punch technique. Katie used an 'all-over' star punch ($11.99 at Amazon) to great effect on the inexpensive blind in her bathroom. Whimsical during the day....

and magical at night:



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