Roundup: 10 Colorful Yarn Projects For Your Home

10 Ways To Use Yarn In Your Home

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of leftover yarn from various knitting projects that I've finished over the years. It's very versatile, and so colorful - making it the perfect material for so many different decor projects. Continue reading to see ten of my favorite ways to use yarn in your home.    


Colorful Ways To Use Yarn In Your Home

1. Try knitting a rug using thick yarn and large needles. Find brief instructions here. [Photo: Scandinavian Deko]

2. Make your own typographic yarn art! Read more about the project right here. [Photo: Jen Lula]

Colorful Ways To Use Yarn Scraps In Home Decor

3. This whimsical little chandelier would be pretty for a party! The tutorial is available here. [Photo: Wedding Chicks]

4. Anyone who has basic knitting skills could whip up one of these poufs in an afternoon. Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: Pickles]

5. Here's the tutorial for another fun string art project (just replace the string with yarn for a colorful variation of the project). [Photo: The Brass Blossom]

Use Yarn To Spice Up Your Home

6. This wall hanging is quite unusual, and really lets you go crazy with color... find out how to make one here. [Photo: Oleander + Palm]

7. Cover clothes hangers with yarn - because your closet likes to get dressed up too! Here are the directions. [Photo: Brit + Co.]

10 Ways To Use Yarn In Home Decor Projects

8. This playful light fixture could be customized using other colors; find the tutorial here. [Photo: Rust and Sunshine]

9. This cozy-looking pillow was made using a technique called "finger knitting." I used to do it as a kid in the '80's, but apparently it's back! Here are the instructions. [Photo: Design*Sponge]

10. Find out how to make this fun pom pom rug here. [Photo: Homedit]

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