Eye Candy: 10 Unconventional Curtain Ideas For Your Home

10 Unconventional Curtain Ideas

Curtains are one element of the home where people tend to go traditional, but there are so many ways to get inventive with your window treatments. Here are ten super unique, beautiful ways to get creative with your curtains.   


Super Unique Curtain Ideas

1. If you love color, this would be a great option for you... buy drapes in three colors! [Photo: Living Room Design Ideas]

2. This layered look is quite stunning... I like how a different amount of light shines through each panel. [Photo: Cenozoico Home]

Interesting Window Treatment Ideas

3. Consider buying double rods and combining two different opaque curtain panels... the combination of a solid color with stripes here is really quite lovely. [Photo: The Stir]

4. Here we have layered panels with bold patterns and multiple colors, another eye-catching idea. [Photo: Top 10 Design Ideas]

10 Unusual Curtain Ideas

5. To create a sense of privacy but also allow plenty of light in, try putting panels only on the lower half of your windows. [Photo: Lamps Plus

6. If you want curtains for decorative purposes only, try hanging a mini curtain rod on one side of your window as shown above. [Photo: A Thoughtful Place]

10 Unique Window Treatments

7. Pom-poms can lend a whimsical touch to existing curtains... I bet this would be an easy DIY project! [Photo: Simple Details Blog]

8. Another layering idea: lace underneath and floral on top, pulled over to the side. [Photo: Adriana Oliveira]

Super Unique Curtain Inspiration

9. Multi-colored ribbons would make an interesting window treatment too. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

10. Head to the flea market to pick up some doilies for this sweet little DIY project. [Photo: Free People]

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