Roundup: 10 Ways To Use Fabric Scraps In Your Home

10 DIY Home Decor Projects Using Fabric Scraps

I have a huge bag of fabric scraps that has accumulated over the years. And I never know what to do with all of those beautiful (albeit tiny) pieces of fabric. But it seems like such a waste to let them just sit there, taking up valuable closet space. So I did a little research and found ten awesome ideas from around the web.   


Fun ways to use us fabric scraps.

1. Spice up your house plants by covering terra cotta pots with bright pieces of fabric. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: Shelterness

2. You can also cover books with fabric... check out the easy instructions right here. [Photo: Two Twenty One]

10 DIY Home Decor Projects Using Fabric Scraps

3. A magnetic bookmark would be handy to have... no more folded page corners! Find out how to make your own here. [Photo: The Southern Institute]

4. This gorgeous whimsical rose pillow would be a great way to use up a bunch of different colored scraps. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: Alisa Burke]

5. A banner is a festive way to decorate your next party or event. Find out how to make this one here. [Photo: The Lovely Cupboard]

Creative Ways To Use Up Fabric Scraps

6. These fabric scrap coasters are super cute... find out more here. [Photo: The Red Thread Blog]

7. I love this idea - put extra fabric pieces inside of embroidery hoops and hang them on the wall. [Photo: Tanis Lavallee]

Home Decor Projects Using Fabric Scraps

8. These magnetic letters would be cute for the kids' playroom. Find out how to make them here. [Photo: The Daily B

9. Extra toilet paper will always be easily accessible once you make one of these clever little toilet paper holders. Here's the tutorial. [Photo: Make It & Love It

10. This fabric tissue box cover is easy to make - head over here for the instructions. [Photo: WhimseyBox]

Do you have any other fun ideas? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section!

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Marge on Mar 27, 2015:

Thanks so much, Faith, but I need one for the other type of tissues, not the 'tall' ones, but think I've seen others.  Just liked the one you'd posted, as I'd hoped by using the circular opening, it may help Kleenex not lose it's feed so often!  ;)

Marge on Mar 23, 2015:

LOVE the tissue box cover, but can no longer find the directions that I thought I saved -- can you point me in the right direction, please?

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